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Flybe administration: Scramble to change plans after airline ceases trading

The airline said it was ceasing trading and cancelling all flights, affecting 75,000 passengers.

Source link Flybe, one of the UK’s biggest domestic airlines, ceased trading at the end of March 2020 after entering administration. The airline’s sudden collapse has left many people in a scramble to make changes to their travel plans, with both passengers already booked on flights and those who had not yet purchased flights now left out of pocket.

The administrators appointed to oversee the airline’s affairs have said that all bookings have been cancelled and that affected customers have been notified. However, some customers are said to have received little or no warning of the sudden collapse.

The suspension of Flybe’s services has caused disruption to the travel plans of thousands of people and comes at a time of particular instability for the aviation industry as a whole. With fewer options for domestic travel, the industry faces the challenge of providing alternative services in the short term.

The collapse of Flybe could have a lasting impact on the competitiveness of the aviation industry in the UK, as the airline had operated many routes that no other airline served. It is thought that the office of the Department for Transport will soon set out plans on how to fill any gaps left in the market by Flybe’s disappearance.

In the meantime, passengers left in the lurch by Flybe’s collapse are being urged to check both with their insurance provider and the Civil Aviation Authority to see whether they are eligible for compensation. Other travel providers and budget airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet may also be able to provide alternative route options.

The failure of Flybe appears to be yet another example of how the aviation industry is suffering due to the ongoing disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It remains to be seen if the effects of Flybe’s collapse will be felt in the long-term, or if other airlines will be able to pick up the slack in order to provide customers with the same level of service.

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