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How Plants Are Inspiring New Ways to Extract Value from Wastewater

Scientists are drawing inspiration from plants to develop new techniques to separate and extract valuable minerals, metals and nutrients from resource-rich …

Not Everyone Aware Sustainable Diets Are About Helping the Planet

A new study has found that young Brits would be willing to change to a more sustainable diet, but a lack of understanding about what that actually means is preventing many from doing …

Low Nutritional Quality in Many Vegetarian Meat Substitutes

The availability of foods based on plant proteins to substitute for meat has increased dramatically as more people choose a plant-based diet. At the same time, there are many challenges regarding the …

It’s Not Them, It’s You: Why Potatoes Don’t Deserve Their Bad Reputation

Research has shown while potatoes may not have all the same benefits as some other vegetables — such as lowering risk of Type 2 diabetes — health issues associated with potatoes may actually be due …

Experts Present Strategies to Mitigate Methane Emissions in Dairy Cattle

Methane mitigation has been identified as essential for addressing climate change. Intensive research in the past decade has resulted in a better understanding of factors driving enteric methane …

Less Intensively Managed Grasslands Have Higher Plant Diversity and Better Soil Health

Researchers have shown — for the first time — that less intensively managed British grazed grasslands have on average 50% more plant species and better soil health than intensively managed …

Antioxidant Flavonols Linked to Slower Memory Decline

People who eat or drink more foods with antioxidant flavonols, which are found in several fruits and vegetables as well as tea and wine, may have a slower rate of memory decline, according to a new …

Sweet Corn Sweltering in Summer Heat Spells Uncertainty for Corn Lovers

Few things say summer in America more than buttery corn on the cob, but as summer temperatures climb to unprecedented levels, the future of sweet corn may not be so sweet. New research shows sweet …

Genetic Background Has an Effect on the Metabolism of Essential Fatty Acids

Genetic background has an effect on the metabolism of the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, a recent study …

Inbred to Well-Fed: Maize Breeding Efforts to Improve Food Security and Safety in Africa

A recent study offers a promising strategy to protect food security and safety of maize in Sub-Saharan …

Dams Could Play a Big Role in Feeding the World More Sustainably

Analysis finds that dammed reservoirs could store more than 50% of the water needed to irrigate crops without depleting water stocks or encroaching on nature. The researchers caution against building …

Healthy Plant-Based Diets Better for the Environment Than Less Healthy Plant-Based Diets

Healthier plant-based dietary patterns were associated with better environmental health, while less healthy plant-based dietary patterns, which are higher in foods like refined grains and …

Thirsty Wheat Needed New Water Management Strategy in Ancient China

Research shows that a practice of purposeful water management, or irrigation, was adopted in northern China about 4,000 years ago as part of an effort to grow new grains that had been introduced from …

Scientists Genetically Engineer Plants to Yield More Vegetable Oil

Scientists have successfully bioengineered an important protein in plants to increase the yield of oil from their fruits and seeds — a holy grail for the global agri-food industry. Their …

Tracing Tomatoes’ Health Benefits to Gut Microbes

Two weeks of eating a diet heavy in tomatoes increased the diversity of gut microbes and altered gut bacteria toward a more favorable profile in young pigs, researchers found. After observing these …

There’s Room for Improvement in a Popular Climate-Smart Agricultural Practice

Federal subsidies promote planting cover crops to store carbon in agricultural soils, among other benefits, but the approach as currently practiced can reduce yields in the U.S. Corn Belt, …

Farmers in China, Uganda Move to High-Yielding, Cost-Saving Perennial Rice

After more than 9,000 years in cultivation, annual paddy rice is now available as a long-lived perennial. The advancement means farmers can plant just once and reap up to eight harvests without …

Words Matter in Food Freshness, Safety Messaging

Changing the wording about expiration dates on perishable food items — which is currently unregulated and widely variable — could help reduce food waste, according to a new …

Intensified Meat Production in Response to Climate Change Would Bring Short-Term Rewards, Long-Term Risks

As climate change threatens global food supplies, countries will need to increase the efficiency of food production, bringing about short-term gains, such as decreased deforestation, but long-term …

Companies’ ‘Deforestation-Free’ Supply Chain Pledges Have Barely Impacted Forest Clearance in the Amazon, Researchers Say

More companies must make and implement zero-deforestation supply chain commitments in order to significantly reduce deforestation and protect diverse ecosystems, say …

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Source link This week, ScienceDaily announced a groundbreaking update on their Food and Agriculture news page. Keeping readers abreast of the latest findings in their sector, ScienceDaily provides users with access to a wide range of summaries, research papers, and innovation reports related to food and agriculture.

Using ScienceDaily’s vast database, readers are able to browse through a considerable amount of data covering topics like animal feed and nutrition, organic food, food security, crop protection, and agricultural sustainability. Along with traditional topics such as food production, processing, and storage, the platform also covers modern advancements such as the use of alternative proteins, like insects, in food items. Specialized views on regionalization, social changes, and rural economics are also mentioned in their coverage.

ScienceDaily also pays careful attention to their news coverage. To ensure accuracy and credibility, the website utilizes reliable sources including global food industry trade organizations and government bodies. The editorial staff also identifies seven key criteria to evaluate each article before it gets listed on their website.

In addition to their news section, the website also boasts a vast library of resources available to the public. From in-depth analyst reports to ongoing research results, the archive contains a wealth of valuable data. The stated objective of the website is not to just inform the public, but also to facilitate conversation and foster an exchange of ideas between its members.

To conclude, ScienceDaily’s Food and Agriculture news page is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to stay up to date with the latest developments in this sector. Their commitment to reliable and verified sources of news ensures that their readers have access to the most accurate information available. With an expansive library of resources at their disposal, users have a wealth of resources to draw from in their quest for knowledge.

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