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Garde à nous! | Site officiel de Netflix

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Source link Netflix, the world’s leading streaming service, recently unveiled its new website, “Garde à nous!”, an interactive portal dedicated to French-Canadian content.

“Garde à nous!” is French for “Look out!” and the site offers a curated collection of Netflix content for French speakers, as well as a signpost for exciting new releases. The content-specific destination has been created with the hope of inspiring passion for French-language storytelling from Canada, from comedy and drama to animation, documentaries and reality series.

The initiative has been designed with home audiences in mind, offering French Canadians access to a variety of engaging content. Features such as the ability to watch the top French-Canadian titles of the month, highlights of classic Quebec films, and Netflix’s own original French productions are just a few of the many reasons why this new streaming service is sure to be a hit.

Navigation on the site is easy and straightforward, with both original and dubbed shows clearly marked out. The home page also includes a number of timely Netflix recommendations as well as a section devoted to French-speaking films and series from other countries.

Netflix is hoping that “Garde à nous!” will become a go-to destination for French Canadian audiences and the company is sure to see an increase in viewership as the site continues to grow in popularity. With the impressive line-up of content now available on the site, it is no surprise that Netflix is banking on the success of their latest venture.

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