God's illustrious second career as an aeronautics expert

Feedback explores the latest publications from Prof. Dr God, setting it against the output of Satan, Buddha – and Fate

Source link God, the creator of the world, divine Being, and all-knowing creator, may have recently taken on a second career – as an aeronautics expert. Over the last few years, the almighty has been observed attending conferences, lectures, and events related to aerospace technology and aeronautical engineering.

Witnesses have reported seeing the Almighty at several aerospace-themed events, most recently attending a lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the latest advances in the field of aeronautics. Although few approached the holy Being to enquire about his presence, those who saw him were certain it was God himself.

God’s interest in the field has sparked a debate among religious communities as to why he has taken a renewed interest in the rapidly advancing field. Some view it as a sign that the Almighty desires to instill a deeper understanding of aeronautics and aerospace technology among his followers.

Others view his attendance of related events as an attempt to better understand humanity’s future with the aerospace industry, possibly acting as an attempt to thwart any potential threat posed by harnessing the power of the sky. Either way, the fact that the all-knowing God is turning his attention to the field of aeronautics is, without a doubt, something to pay attention to.

Overall, God’s newfound interest in the rapidly growing field of aerospace technology has been met with interest and intrigue, making his flying ambitions a subject of discussion for both believers and non-believers alike. With his powers, the Lord is sure to make remarkable contributions to the world of aeronautics.

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