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Une minisérie inspirée par la futée et ambitieuse Griselda Blanco, la femme d’affaires colombienne qui a créé l’un des cartels les plus profitables de l’histoire.

Source link Netflix is proud to announce the launch of their new original feature film, Griselda. Directed and written by Manuel Folgar, Griselda is a thrilling, drama-filled ride through the life of a young woman’s attempt to escape her past and gain a new identity in an unforgiving world.

Griselda follows a woman on a journey to find a new life and identity in an unforgiving society. Along the way, she’ll encounter various obstacles, including the obstacles of her own past and the prejudices of others. These obstacles will test her resilience, courage and will, as she embarks on an emotional and powerful journey.

The cast of Griselda is comprised of some well-known actors, including María Valverde (Ants on a Log), Susana Abaitúa (Mercedes) and Bárbara Lennie (The Book of Life), offering an impressive lineup for a captivating film. Through their performances in Griselda, this talented group will show the struggles and determination it takes to break out of a destructive cycle and forge a new identity.

Griselda is sure to stay with viewers long after the credits roll. With its powerhouse performances, captivating story and strong visuals, Griselda is sure to be an instant success.

Griselda is available now for streaming on Netflix. Make sure to check out this amazing film, and join Griselda’s epic journey.

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