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Harry Hamlin Dishes on Lisa Rinna's RHOBH Exit & Bravo Future

Harry Hamlin talks AMC’s “Mayfair Witches” and “80 for Brady.” Plus, the star reflects on his wife’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” exit and a potential Bravo return.

Source link As a beloved member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) cast, Lisa Rinna announced her departure from the show recently, leaving fans to wonder what the show will look like without her.

Harry Hamlin, Rinna’s husband and co-star, recently chatted with Entertainment Tonight to give his take on Rinna’s exit and the future of RHOBH.

Hamlin said he fully supported the decision for Rinna to leave the show, noting that her departure was “for all the good reasons,” though he wouldn’t specify those reasons. He stated, “I completely support her decision to say ‘yes’ and to get off the show and to start this new chapter.”

Hamlin also said he wouldn’t mind joining the RHOBH cast himself if Rinna asked him to. “I mean, if Lisa asked me to do it, I would do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hamlin spoke highly of the remaining cast members, saying “All of [the women] were so wonderful to Lisa and myself. We had a great experience. We can’t say enough nice things about them.” He added that he would still watch the show despite Rinna’s departure, saying that the show will still be full of drama and intrigue.

Hamlin said he isn’t sure yet how the show will continue without Rinna, but he believes Bravo and the producers will find a way to keep the show entertaining and appealing. overall, he concluded that Lisa’s departure will be a loss for RHOBH viewers, but that it is totally understandable and wholly supported by the cast.

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