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Harry Styles Suffers Rips His Pants During L.A. Concert

One way or another, Harry Styles is going to put on a memorable show.

During his Jan. 26 concert in Los Angeles, the singer had quite the wardrobe malfunction, as he performed “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” the latest single off his album Harry’s House.

One fan captured the moment in question, posting a video on Twitter of Harry dancing as he sings and bending down in a lunge position, causing his leather pants to rip. The Grammy winner took the moment in stride, attempting to cover up the tear has he continued the performance. The attendee captioned the video, “RIPPED HIS PANTS.”

Another angle of the moment shared on social media showed the clever way Harry chose to keep the concert going, with the caption reading, “HE RIPPED HIS PANTS AND IS USING THE PRIDE FLAG AS A SKIRT I CANT MAKE THIS UP.”

Although the on-stage wardrobe malfunction may be of an embarrassing moment for some, it seems as though the “Watermelon Sugar” played it off without a hitch—even with Jennifer Aniston and Modern Family star Julie Bowen in attendance, who were photographed by fans at the event. 

Source link Pop sensation Harry Styles had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on stage at a recent concert in Los Angeles. During his performance, the former One Direction star noticed that his tight jeans had ripped, exposing his lower legs.

Styles, who informed the crowd of the embarrassing rip, soldiered on with the show, energy undimmed. The singer joked that he had been performing so well he had literally split his pants to the delight of excited fans. He went on to adjust his clothing so that he was covered and continued his performance.

The mishap was shared widely on social media, with many of his fans expressing support for the star and admiration for his reaction to the situation.

It’s not the first time Styles has had a wardrobe issue on stage. During his European tour he famously split a tight pair of leather trousers and had to re-enact the scene in a video before continuing with the show.

Harry Styles can add one more story to his growing repertoire of stage tales as he moves into the second half of his tour. It may have been an embarrassing situation, but the singer took it in stride, showcasing why his loyal fan base admire his resilience and sense of humor.

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