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Heart Disease News — ScienceDaily

New Mechanism to Boost RNA Therapies

Researchers have identified how biological pacemaker cells can ‘fight back’ against therapies to biologically correct abnormal heartbeat rates. The research also uncovered a new way to …

New Immune Target to Treat Cardiovascular Disease Discovered

Researchers have uncovered a protein produced by the immune system, suPAR, that causes atherosclerosis . Investigators say it’s the first immune target to treat cardiovascular disease, which …

New Study Method Finds Two Blood Pressure Drugs Equally Effective

A clinical trial found that two first-line treatments for high blood pressure were equally …

Blood-Based Metabolic Signature Outperforms Standard Method for Predicting Diet, Disease Risk

Researchers have found a method using molecular profiling and machine learning to develop blood-based dietary signatures that more accurately assess diet and predict the risk of cardiovascular …

Gene Therapy for Heart Attacks in Mice Just Got More Precise

A team of scientists studying how other animals regrow damaged tissues has made an important step toward controlling at least one part of the regenerative machinery with precise control of timing and …

Simulations Show Weak Electrical Pulses Could Treat Atrial and Ventricular Fibrillations

With numerical simulations, researchers have demonstrated a new way to time weak electrical pulses that can stop certain life-threatening arrhythmias. The group shows that timed pulses are successful …

Combo of Bad Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure May Increase Heart Attack or Stroke Risk

A new study suggests lipoprotein(a) cholesterol may affect relationship between hypertension and cardiovascular disease …

Extremely Hot and Cold Days Linked to Cardiovascular Deaths

More heart failure deaths were linked with extreme temperatures than other heart conditions, from an international …

Novel Wearable Belt With Sensors Accurately Monitors Heart Failure 24/7

There is a critical need for non-invasive solutions to monitor heart failure progression around the clock. This novel wearable device is based on sensors embedded in a lightweight belt that monitors …

COVID Infection, and to Lesser Extent Vaccination, Linked to Heart Condition, Study Finds

New research has validated the link between a debilitating heart condition and COVID-19 and, to a lesser extent, a novel link between the same condition and COVID-19 vaccination. The findings suggest …

Even Early Forms of Liver Disease Affect Heart Health

Investigators have found that even subtle forms of liver disease directly impact heart health. The findings help further clarify the relationship between liver disease and heart disease beyond their …

Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Study Shows

Commonly used drugs that reduce joint inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis also reduce vascular inflammation and cardiovascular risk, finds a new …

Adding Yoga to Regular Exercise Improves Cardiovascular Health and Wellbeing

A three-month pilot study of patients with hypertension demonstrates that adding yoga to a regular exercise training regimen supports cardiovascular health and wellbeing and is more effective than …

Some Benefits, Potential Risks With Alternative Medicines for Heart Failure

A new American Heart Association scientific statement outlines research on complementary and alternative therapies for heart …

Heart Attack on a Chip

Researchers have developed a ‘heart attack on a chip,’ a device that could one day serve as a test-bed to develop new heart drugs and even personalized …

Parkinson’s Medication Improved Blood Pressure in Teens With Type 1 Diabetes

Teens with Type 1 diabetes who took bromocriptine, a medication usually prescribed to treat Parkinson’s disease, had lower blood pressure after one month of treatment compared to those who did …

Not All Micronutrients Created Equal: Study Identifies Some Supplements That Benefit Cardiovascular Health

Healthy diets are rich in antioxidants like amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C, but exactly how beneficial these micronutrients are for cardiovascular health has long been controversial. …

Household Air Cleaners Improve Heart Health Among Individuals With COPD, Researchers Find

A six-month study oncludes that the use of portable home air purifiers can improve some markers of cardiovascular health in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or …

Seaweed Molecules Used to Improve Outcomes for Bypass Surgery

Researchers are using a natural material derived from seaweed to promote vascular cell growth, prevent blood clots and improve the performance of synthetic vascular grafts used in heart bypass …

Checking Blood Pressure in a Heartbeat, Using Artificial Intelligence and a Camera

Engineers have designed a system to remotely measure blood pressure by filming a person’s forehead and extracting cardiac signals using artificial intelligence …

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Source link In today’s world, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death and disability. Thankfully, medical science is making leaps and bounds when it comes to researching and developing treatments to combat heart disease. Recently, news sources have reported on a number of advances being made on the front lines of heart disease research.

According to ScienceDaily, one recent development in the realm of heart health has been the discovery of a new low-cost imaging method. This technology helps to identify vulnerable blood vessels and their health status, even in early stages. In addition to helping medical professionals detect heart diseases earlier and with more accuracy, this imaging technology might also save costs related to diagnosis and treatment.

In another major accomplishment, ScienceDaily has reported on the major progress made in using machine learning to detect heart disease. Researchers have found that machine learning algorithms can analyze cardiac CT scans and accurately predict the risk of heart attack, an ability that could prove invaluable for early diagnosis and preemptive risk assessment.

And finally, ScienceDaily has reported on a recently approved stem cell therapy for heart failure. This therapy uses stem cells to increase new blood vessel formation and improve circulation. In clinical trials, this therapy has been found to be safe and effective in a range of patients with heart failure, helping to improve their quality of life.

These developments in heart disease detection and treatment can be life-changing for many, and we’re excited to see where the future of medical research will take us. For now, it’s clear that heart disease is being taken more seriously than ever, and medical science is making serious progress towards becoming more effective and efficient at combatting this dangerous and costly illness.

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