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Heat pumps: The ‘geeks’ obsessing over their new heating systems

A well-installed heat pump might get three kilowatt hours (kWh) of heat for each kWh of electricity it consumes. This ratio is called the coefficient of performance, or COP – the higher it is, the better. Heat pump-watchers tend to use this figure as a means of judging how well their device is working, sometimes in friendly competition with other heat pump owners.

Source link Heat pumps are the hot topic among eco-friendly ‘geeks’, thanks to their energy-saving abilities offered to homeowners in cold climates. In spite of the initial costs, savvy tech-lovers are raving about heat pumps, their ease-of-installation, and their modern designs.

Heat pumps are a type of mechanical-compression cycle air source heat pump which transfers heat from one source to another. By drawing in outside air and using a compressor, the heat pump is able to provide warmth to a home efficiently, using less energy than other traditional forms of heating. This makes them not only an environmentally friendly option but also an economical one.

Savvy homeowners are turning to heat pumps as a new way to heat their homes. Heat pumps offer the peace of mind knowing their heating will turn itself on and off, depending on their house temperatures. This new form of heating has rapidly gained popularity due to its low installation cost, efficient operation, and its attractive design, which comes in a range of colors and styles.

In addition to its installation qualities, the heat-pump offers other benefits. Since heat pumps use outside air, they can capture free heat energy, allowing them to run cheaply. The pumps also have advanced levels of temperature control and integrate easily with existing home automation systems.

Heat pumps are becoming a favorite among the eco-friendly ‘geeks’ out there, with more and more people buying them to adopt more energy-efficient systems in their homes. With their competitive purchase and installation costs, it’s no wonder that heat pumps are gaining such attention.

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