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Here’s Where Pamela Anderson Stands With Tommy Lee Now

Source link Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were two of the most unlikely yet iconic couples of the 1990s. Appealing to fans on either end of the Hollywood spectrum, their bedroom antics and fiery public relations generated a huge amount of media attention throughout their marriage. But, now, many years since their divorce in 1998, the question arises—where do Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee stand now?

Fortunately, the two seem to have forged an unlikely friendship and remain on relatively good terms. Anderson and Lee both share two sons, Brandon Thomas, 23 and Dylan Jagger, 22, and it appears the pair’s primary focus is putting their sons first in all matters.

A source close to the former couple recently revealed to E! News that “the boys’ well-being is the number one priority and the way that Pamela and Tommy have been able to come together and make sure that happens has been extraordinary.”

The same source went on to describe the couple’s relationship as situationally “cordial and mutually respectful.”

Despite what seems to be an amicable post-divorce relationship, during the couple’s marriage they faced more than their share of difficulties. Anderson and Lee were wed from 1995 to 1998 and faced much public scrutiny and difficulties during their notoriously tumultuous marriage.

Both Anderson and Lee have since gone on to remarry. Anderson is currently married to Jon Peters, a film producer, and her fourth husband. Lee has since married actress Brittany Furlan, his fifth wife. Nevertheless, Anderson’s and Lee’s understanding of the need to remain civil for the sake of their sons has cultivated a peaceful post-divorce relationship.

At the end of the day, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee put in the work to maintain a positive relationship for the sake of their sons’ well-being. A series of mutual respect, trust and understanding has enabled Anderson and Lee to establish a post-divorce relationship that is best described as “cordial.”

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