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How Tahzjuan Hawkins Tried Joining This Season of The Bachelor

Ultimately, Tahzjuan’s big swing didn’t pay off, with Zach informing the other women, “I just wanted to let everyone know. Tahz wanted to join the group and I couldn’t say yes to that. I’m establishing actual feelings with all of you women. I just wanted to let you know she is no longer here.”

Tahzjuan didn’t exactly take it well.

“It’s just like, everyone else figures it out and finds their person,” she said to a producer, while fighting off tears. “But like, I never do. I’m not going to cry. Bad bitches don’t cry.”

Chin up, bad bitch!

With Tahzjuan gone, Zach was free for a one-on-one date with Christina, where they bonded over Nickelback, took a helicopter ride and, in a strange turn of events, met Zach’s entire family at a belated birthday party for his mom at Zach’s childhood home. 

Nothing like diving in head first!

After browsing baby photos of Zach and playing some ping pong in the backyard, Zach and Christina retired for a romantic dinner alone—where Christina told Zach some big news.

“I do have a daughter,” she revealed to Zach. “She is 5, almost 6. She is my world.”

Zach, clearly ruffled, told Christina, “It’s something I do need to think about because it scares me sh-tless.”

Source link Tahzjuan Hawkins made headlines recently after her unsuccessful attempt to join this season of “The Bachelor.” Hawkins, a 27-year-old financial analyst from San Diego, was among the many hopeful women that showed up in Cleveland, OH, where the hit reality show was to begin filming its twenty-fourth season.

Hawkins had previously applied and gone through the selection process to become a contestant on the show when it premiered in 2013. But she was ultimately not chosen. Determined to pursue her dream of encountering true love, Hawkins applied for this season’s casting call and made her way to Cleveland.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go according to plan for Hawkins after she arrived. She waited for hours in an outdoor line with hundreds of other women all auditioning to become part of the season’s cast. Hawkins says she was eventually asked to leave by a producer from the show, who told her she was not willing to go through with all of the steps required in the selection process.

Despite the setback, Hawkins remains optimistic and has vowed to try again. She believes that if all of the hard work she put into her application pays off, she will find her true love.

Hawkins’ story has resonated with many fans of the show. Her determination has been praised by many for being a positive example for other women in similar situations. Although she may not have found love this time around, Hawkins will always be remembered for her dedication and ambition to follow her passions.

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