Hunt to set out plan for growth as criticism mounts

It will be scrutinised by businesses who claim the government has no long-term plan for the economy.

Source link The UK Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, has pledged to set out a plan to drive economic growth as criticism of his handling of the pandemic mounts.

During a speech to the virtual Conservative Party conference on Sunday, Johnson outlined his ambitions to level up opportunities for those in all parts of the country, and pledged to set out a plan for economic recovery in the coming weeks.

The Prime Minister has come under increasing fire for his response to the coronavirus crisis, which many commentators claim has been too slow and has caused serious long-term economic damage.

In his speech, Johnson acknowledged that recovery would be a challenge, but stressed the importance of supporting businesses and entrepreneurs, especially in the hospitality and travel sectors. He also promised to correct regional inequalities in terms of job prospects, health care and education.

He said this would be achieved in part through high-speed rail links and new high speed internet connections.

The Prime Minister also discussed his plans to invest in the renewable energy and infrastructure required for the country to hit its environmental targets, and to introduce measures to tackle air and water pollution.

While his speech was generally well-received by his party, Johnson is likely to face difficulties in bringing his plans to fruition. The roadmap for the next phase of Brexit negotiations has still not been released and the momentous decisions on the future of the UK economy are yet to be made.

Johnson has committed himself to a plan of growth, but it remains to be seen if he can keep his promises in the face of mounting criticism.

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