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Infant's Health News

Learn valuable parenting tips and information on babies. Read the latest medical research on infant health and development.

Source link It’s no surprise that raising a healthy infant is one of the most important things that parents can do in order to ensure their child’s wellbeing. That’s why it’s crucial to stay abreast of the latest infant health news.

Whether it’s new research on the importance of vitamin supplements or the most up-to-date recommendations for sleep regimens, it’s important to keep your infant’s health a priority. Parents should be aware of developmental milestones and look for signs of illness. From vaccinations to healthy eating and more, there is much to consider for raising a healthy infant.

Beginning in the third trimester, it’s important for moms-to-be to get sufficient rest and nutrition. Post-birth, helping babies achieve the milestones for their age is essential. For a full-term infant, this includes turning the head side to side, pushing up when lying on his or her stomach, social smiling, and following objects with his or her eyes.

When it comes to infant nutrition, breast milk is strongly recommended. Breast milk has numerous benefits, such as providing babies with the proper nutrition and helping to lower their chances of developing respiratory and ear infections. Additionally, the antibodies that are found in breast milk can help protect an infant against illnesses and diseases.

Sleep is also an extremely important part of developing an infant’s health and wellbeing. Establishing a proper sleep regimen can help with overall emotional and physical development. In general, newborns should sleep 14 to 17 hours per day, and by the age of 6 months, babies should typically be getting 10 to 12 hours of sleep each day divided into two or three longer periods.

Taking care of an infant requires attentiveness and effort. Fortunately, by keeping up with the latest infant health news and ensuring that your child receives proper rest and nutrition, it becomes much easier to provide him or her with the healthiest possible start.

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