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Jennifer Coolidge Sneaks Into Jennifer Lopez’s Hotel Room: Video – Hollywood Life

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Image Credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Hitmaker Jennifer Lopez, 53, took to Instagram on Jan. 26 to share a hilarious new clip of her Shotgun Wedding co-star, Jennifer Coolidge, 61, inside her hotel room. “Found this in my phone… @ShotgunWeddingMovie premieres TONIGHT on @PrimeVideo!!!! But only If you feel like laughing… JLo & JCo,” the 53-year-old captioned the post. In the clip, The White Lotus star was seen filming herself in J.Lo’s room and even chatted about the singer’s “fake” lashes. “You know it’s so weird this isn’t my hotel room,” Coolidge began. “This is J.Lo’s hotel room. Oh my god, I’m on your phone! Hey J lovers!” Later, the 61-year-old admitted she was “going to be in so much trouble.”

The “On The Floor” songstress did not make a cameo in this clip, however, she did seem to think it was funny with her caption. “I want to find her lashes, she has lashes that are like two inches long but you can’t quite tell that they’re fake,” Coolidge said. By the end of the clip, the blonde beauty belted out in laughter after she shushed the camera. Both J.Lo and J.Co star in the upcoming Prime Video film alongside Josh Duhamel, 50. The project is set to hit the streaming service on Jan. 27.

J.Co’s clip comes just one week after she collaborated with J.Lo on her first TikTok on Jan. 20. “Trying out TikTok!”, she captioned the adorable clip of herself reciting the singer’s hit song “Jenny from the Block.” The actress said she tried to “think of something cool” to do but she opted to read “a poem.” After she recited the lyrics to J.Lo’s song, the mom-of-two responded, “I like that. I really really like that.”

Jennifer Coolidge & J.Lo star in ‘Shotgun Wedding’ together. (Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

After the Legally Blonde alum shared the now-viral clip, many of her 1.7 million followers flooded the comments section with praise for her first TikTok. “Too good,” Reese Witherspoon commented, while White Lotus star Meghann Fahy added, “I just liked this twice.” A fan even noted that the viral clip was the latest internet sensation. “internet just broke,” they penned. In addition to her pals, the official account for the Shotgun Wedding movie noted, “Plot twist of the century.”

Aside from her latest TikTok videos, Coolidge recently won her first Golden Globe on Jan. 10. “Despite the torrential rain and many obstacles, so many talented people managed to make it to the 2023 @GoldenGlobes with bells on! #Bagpipes & #Chewbacca took off their suits immediately…,” she captioned a snapshot of herself holding her award via Instagram. Prior to that, she was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2022 for her work on the hit HBO series, The White Lotus.

Source link It’s no secret that Jennifer Coolidge is a huge fan of her fellow celebrity Jennifer Lopez – and recently, video footage captured her taking her admiration to the next level.

On May 28th, a video posted to Twitter revealed Coolidge literally sneaking into Lopez’s hotel room. In the clip, Coolidge can be seen pretending to be a maid, complete with a uniform and a vacuum cleaner, while she heads towards the door of Lopez’s room.

Speaking to TMZ, Coolidge revealed that she had compiled the elaborate plan with Lopez in advance out of affection for her friend.

In the footage, an unsuspecting Lopez is heard saying “Oh my God, Jen” as soon as Coolidge enters the room, then continuing, “What are you doing here? How did you get in here?” – highlighting the delighted shock that Coolidge was able to pull off the surprise.

The two celebrities have a long-standing friendship and mutual admiration for one another. Coolidge even posted a picture of herself on Instagram, posing outside Lopez’s apartment, announcing excitedly that they were “hanging out”.

The original video, posted by @RyanLovette, has quickly gone viral, amassing over 750 thousand views and thousands of comments of admiration. As Coolidge re-shared the video on her Twitter, many of her followers commented on how great of a friend she is to Lopez.

It appears Coolidge and Lopez were able to turn the tragic Covid-19 pandemic into a funny and memorable experience – and Coolidge’s willingness to put together an elaborate plan shows just how much she values her friendship with Lopez!

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