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Jennifer Lopez Nearly Fell Off A Cliff Filming ‘Shotgun Wedding’ – Hollywood Life

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Jennifer Lopez revealed she nearly “fell off a cliff” while filming Shotgun Wedding with Josh Duhamel. She made the admission during a game of “Who’s Who” with BuzzFeed as they went around the group — including Jennifer Coolidge, who plays Josh’s mom in the film — discussing who would take certain titles. Josh and J.Lo earned the title of “most likely to nail a stunt on the first take” — to which the “Jenny From The Block Singer” agreed, sans one shooting hiccup.

“I felt like we got pretty good,” she said as she talked about various action sequences in the comedy film, including several they filmed in handcuffs after their wedding is hijacked by a group of pirates. “Except for the one time I almost went over the cliff,” she then said, referencing a hilarious scene that is included in the trailer. “So you know how, in that scene where my dress was caught on the wheel? One time it got caught in the wheel. And I was going over. I’m looking at Josh. I’m like ‘Josh! Don’t let me go! Please,’” she said on the show.

Josh — much like his on-screen character Tom — was the hero of the moment. “He’s like ‘I got you! You go, we go,’” she explained, shouting Josh out.

Jennifer shot the film alongside Josh, Jennifer Coolidge, as well as Lenny Kravitz, Cheech Marin, D’Arcy Carden, and Sonia Braga, in the Dominican Republic in early 2021. The group seemingly had a blast filming while in the D.R., with the cast also sharing stories about on-set antics — including Lenny bringing his own boombox to set.

Jennifer Lopez arrives at the ‘Shotgun Wedding’ premiere in Los Angeles in Jan. 2023. (
Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock)

Jennifer also revealed that she had off-duty work during the movie to prepare for an epic scene of her own. “Every day you all went home and I had to stay with my gun lessons…the entire time I was there they were so afraid I was actually going to shoot someone,” she confessed. Co-star D’Arcy, however, noted that Coolidge “looked so good doing it.”

Shotgun Wedding starts streaming on Prime Video on Jan. 27.

Source link On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, Hollywood Life reported the incredible story of how actress Jennifer Lopez nearly fell off a cliff while shooting a scene for her upcoming movie “Shotgun Wedding”. The romantic comedy, which is in production in the Dominican Republic, stars Lopez and Josh Duhamel.

Lopez, 51, was supposed to jump over a cliff while filming the near-fatal scene. The emotional intensity of the scene almost became too much when Lopez slipped while trying to make the jump and almost fell off the edge of the cliff. Fortunately, safety wires saved her, and she was able to make the jump without putting herself in danger.

In a statement to Hollywood Life, an anonymous source said, “The crew was all there, everyone was watching and it was a really intense scene. She slipped, and there was a moment where everyone was just frozen. Thankfully, the safety wires held and Jennifer was able to make it across with no issues.”

The source further said that, “Jennifer was so relieved and she was in a great mood afterward. She was all smiles after the scene.”

This incident is not the first time Lopez has done gung-ho action when filming. Before this incident, she had already been doing her own stunts and has done other crazy stunts before such as flying with a helicopter and more.

Fans of Jennifer Lopez can find out more about “Shotgun Wedding” when it is released in theaters.

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