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Jeremy Renner Is Walking on Treadmill After Snow Plow Accident – Hollywood Life

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Jeremy Renner took to Twitter on March 26 to give an update on his recovery from a New Year’s Day snow plow accident. In a new video, the actor can be seen up on his two feet for the first time since the horrific accident. He is walking on his own on an anti-gravity treadmill, which allows him to fully do the motion of walking, while easing the impact on his lower extremities. “I have to find OTHER things to occupy my time so my body can recover from my will,” he captioned the video, in which he appears to be in good spirits amidst his physical therapy session.

It’s been nearly three full months since Jeremy was crushed by a snow plow, breaking more than 30 bones in the process. Amidst his recovery, Jeremy has been sharing updates with fans via social media. The 52-year-old had been using the snow plow to help get his nephew’s truck out from the snow. He was successful in the attempt, but afterward, he got off the plow without setting the emergency brake. When he saw the snow plow start sliding sideways, he feared it was going to hit his nephew, and as he climbed on the moving track to try and divert the vehicle, he was “immediately pulled under” by it.

The 911 call from the scene revealed just how dire Jeremy’s situation was. “We just need someone here right away with life-saving techniques,” a neighbor said on the call. “He got crushed underneath it, yeah. There’s a lot of blood over here, so you need to get someone over here immediately.” Jeremy was airlifted to the hospital, where he remained for two weeks before he was able to head back home.

However, Jeremy seems to be optimistic as he recovers. At the end of February, he shared a video of himself riding a stationary bike with the caption, “Whatever it takes.” He also confirmed that he’s working on his “mental recovery,” as well as the physical, in a separate post.

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