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Julia Fox Reveals Mouse Problem in TikTok Apartment Tour

“Uncut Gems” star Julia Fox gives fans a look inside her living space in NYC–and she’s sharing her house with a mouse. Hear why she won’t evict the little guy.

Source link In her latest TikTok upload, social media influencer Julia Fox revealed a shocking discovery about her new apartment. Upon giving a tour of the property, Fox uncovered evidence of a mouse infestation in her living room.

The video went viral, with many shocked viewers speculating on possible causes behind the mouse situation. Nonetheless, Fox remained calm during her tour as she discussed the presence of rodents in her home.

Fox acknowledged that mice had been present in her apartment for some time and that she hadn’t taken necessary steps to identify or address the issue. She noted that she had now taken further steps, such as setting traps, to combat the problem.

The video sparked a lively discussion about the importance of proper home maintenance and care. Many viewers commented on the significance of keeping homes tidy and rodent-free by addressing any outlets or entry points that could let in mice or other pests.

Fox also pointed out that rental properties should always be inspected thoroughly before signing a lease. She explained that tenants should actively look for signs of pests to prevent a problem like hers.

It’s clear that Fox’s viral video is a reminder of the importance of setting up a thorough home inspection, regardless of where you are living. In a world where technology can alert us to many dangers, it’s still important to remain vigilant and take proper precautions to keep our homes free of pests.

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