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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reacts to Son Charlie Hall’s “Racy” TV Scenes – E! Online


“I don’t think I took inspiration from anyone in particular, but I will say that I did have to definitely draw from the college experience,” Charlie told E! News in December. “Andrew’s approach to school and Charlie’s approach to school are quite different, and so being at a school where people obviously take academics really seriously, it was easy to pull from that.”

As for the possibility of Charlie returning for another season of Mindy Kaling‘s hit show? Count him in.

“I’m definitely hoping I can [return],” he shared. “I’ll literally be a background actor if they ask me to. I’ll do absolutely anything, ’cause I think the show is so wonderful and I think Mindy’s such a genius and all those girls are so awesome. I’ll literally walk across the quad if I have to, just in the background. I’ll do that!”

Source link Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses and is known for her comedic roles in such films as “Seinfeld” and “Veep.” But one of her newest roles is a very different one — as mother to actor Charlie Hall.

Hall has been appearing on the HBO show “High Maintenance” and, in a recent episode, he can be seen in what can only be described as a “racy” scene. So, how did Louis-Dreyfus react to it?

In a recent press conference, the actress was asked about her reaction to her son’s performance. She said that it was “very exciting,” and went on to explain that she was supportive and happy with his creative choices.

“I don’t speak for him, he has his own choices to make,” she said. “But I can say that I support him and am proud of him for being true to himself and embracing his talent.”

Louis-Dreyfus went on to say that she believes that it is important to raise children who can make their own decisions — something she is hoping to do by setting a good example as a parent and providing her son with the resources he needs to make informed decisions.

The actress also joked that she wasn’t “going to be the mother who yells cut when the cameras are rolling.” Clearly, the Emmy-award-winning star of the comedy series is taking a relaxed approach to her son’s acting career, and it’s clear that she will continue to be a source of support for him in the future.

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