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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reacts to Son Charlie Hall’s “Racy” TV Scenes


“I don’t think I took inspiration from anyone in particular, but I will say that I did have to definitely draw from the college experience,” Charlie told E! News in December. “Andrew’s approach to school and Charlie’s approach to school are quite different, and so being at a school where people obviously take academics really seriously, it was easy to pull from that.”

As for the possibility of Charlie returning for another season of Mindy Kaling‘s hit show? Count him in.

“I’m definitely hoping I can [return],” he shared. “I’ll literally be a background actor if they ask me to. I’ll do absolutely anything, ’cause I think the show is so wonderful and I think Mindy’s such a genius and all those girls are so awesome. I’ll literally walk across the quad if I have to, just in the background. I’ll do that!”

Source link Celebrated actor Julia Louis-Dreyfus was recently asked about her feelings on son Charlie Hall’s “racy” TV scenes in HBO’s hit series, Euphoria. She was candid in her response, with her trademark humor and wit.

The Seinfeld star, 57 spoke out on the issue during a recent appearance on “The Howard Stern Show”, where she discussed her son becoming an actor. “It was his decision. He wanted to do it. He loves it,” Louis-Dreyfus said. She touched on her struggle between being a mother and being a supportive parent. “You want to respect what they’re doing, you want to be supportive. At the same time, this is our kid. We’re parents. We’re a little concerned,” she said.

When posed with the question of her opinion on her son’s risqué scenes, Louis-Dreyfus responded that seemingly effortlessly combines earnestness and light-heartedness. “We have been in full support of him and his choice of career and whatever he wants to do. On the other hand, it is also funny.” She added, “It’s a comfortable funny, I guess. He’s a lovely, lovely actor. He’s very talented. We’re very proud of him.”

It is clear that the the iconic actor is fully embracing the experience of watching her son take to the screen and grow as an actor. There is no doubt that Louis-Dreyfus’s fans appreciate her candid remarks on the situation, blurring the line between public and personal affairs.

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