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Kaitlyn Bristowe Recalls Chris Harrison Ghosting Her After Hosting Gig

After continuing to text him and let him know that she “didn’t know what my role was,” and seeing articles that said she was replacing the 51-year-old made her “feel icky,” she still got no response.

“He didn’t write back and then I was like, ‘OK, well now I’m panicking. Why didn’t you write me back?'” she recalled. “And then he didn’t write me back and I was like, ‘I’m on my period. Am I being emotional? But, like, do you hate me?'”

And as the story goes… ghosted. Kaitlyn even offered for Chris to call her, which she said she got zero response to as well. 

“I was like, ‘OK, he hates me. We were best fiends and now he hates me,'” the former Bachelorette star added. “And then I saw him at Wells [Adams] and Sarah [Hyland]‘s wedding and I walked up to him and was like?, ‘I miss you.'”

To her surprise, Chris allegedly said, “Well, I’ve always been here,” to which Kaitlyn replied, “No you haven’t! You haven’t responded to me in forever!”

Source link The late arrival of an apology has caused Kaitlyn Bristowe to reflect on how she was ‘ghosted’ by her former Bachelor Nation colleague, Emmy-winning host Chris Harrison.

In a conversation with E!’s Nina Parker for the Just The Sip with Nina Park podcast, Bristowe recalled an incident in which Harrison abruptly stopped responding to her after she had accepted an invitation to co-host a Live with Kelly and Ryan Show with him in 2017.

Bristowe said she’d seen the offer as an opportunity to better her career, but felt ‘hurt’ when the host seemingly disappeared out of nowhere.

“I was very hurt by it,” the former Bachelorette contestant explained. “It felt like me and Chris, who had been friends and talked a lot, just all of a sudden, like, ghosted me right away.”

Once the show was over, Bristowe requested payment for her appearance, but was met with silence.

“I waited to get paid like, ‘OK, cool, I showed up and did it all,’ and then nothing,” she said, adding that when she pressed the issue, she still heard nothing back from the host.

The uncomfortable experience only ended recently when Harrison finally apologised, after Bristowe revealed the details on her podcast, Off The Vine, where she vocalised her frustration for the first time.

“I push back when I’m not taken seriously…even if it means having to go public with something,” she said, emphasising her appreciation for Harrison’s eventual apology.

The incident has left Bristowe feeling validated and she has since gained the confidence to move forward and pursue new opportunities.

“For me, it was liberating,” she said.

“It was like ‘I’m not gonna take this and I’m not gonna sit here and be silent.’ It feels like Chris finally heard me.”

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