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Kanye West Investigated for Battery After Confrontation With Driver

Kanye West may have landed in legal trouble.

The “Clique” rapper is currently under investigation for alleged battery following a Jan. 27 confrontation with a woman northwest of Los Angeles, police say.

A spokesperson for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office told E! News that that afternoon, they received a call about a battery that had occurred at the Sports Academy in the city of Thousand Oaks. The rep said that upon arrival, police were provided with video evidence that West was involved in an altercation with a woman and appeared to have grabbed her phone out of her hand.

The rapper himself was not at the scene by the time the deputies arrived. The spokesperson added that a crime report was taken, which will lead to further investigation of West by detectives.

Kanye, who has no rep or lawyer listed, has not commented on the incident.

The identity of the woman involved in the confrontation with the star was not made public.

Source link On April 21st 2020, it was reported that rapper and mogul, Kanye West, was being looked into by multiple law enforcement agencies after an alleged battery charge. The controversy between West and the victim, a paparazzi driver, stemmed from an event in Los Angeles on April 17th.

According to multiple sources, the altercation took place in West Hollywood where the driver accused West of preventing him from getting his vehicles out of an alleyway. However, the situation escalated when the victim reportedly attempted to move West out of the way, leading to the rapper trying to take his camera equipment and the driver’s phone.

The driver has since released a statement to local police, confirming the physical violence West inflicted upon him and the damage it caused to his property. Local police are currently conducting an active investigation into the case and criminal charges are pending.

Various celebrities have also expressed their opinions regarding the ongoing investigation. Most of them expressed sympathy towards both sides and expressed sadness that this incident had taken place.

It remains to seen what exactly happened to provoke West to take physical action against the victim, and what the legal implications are. Until the investigation is completed, it is impossible to speculate how the situation will pan out. This, however, won’t be the first time West has had legal troubles. In the past, he has been sued for assault and intimidation in multiple lawsuits, one of which was settled out of court.

Regardless, fans of Kanye West hope that the investigation will help to resolve this matter as quickly as possible. It can also offer further insight into the relationship between celebrities and paparazzi, and hopefully lead to a more stable working environment.

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