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Kate Walsh Teases What’s Next for “Incredible” Grey’s Anatomy

After two decades and even her own spinoff, Kate Walsh still finds it “incredible” to be a part of the Grey’s Anatomy family.

The actress recently reflected on reprising her fan-favorite role as Dr. Addison Montgomery on Shonda Rhimes‘ long-running medical drama amid major changes both in front of and behind the camera.

“It’s incredible to be back,” Kate shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show Jan. 25. “The younger actors that are the new set of interns, they grew up watching the show and you’re like, ‘Oh, hi.’ It’s funny to be the elder statesman of the show. They’re so beautiful. All of them are such great actors.”

The Emily in Paris star has been back at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in a recurring capacity for the last two seasons since her initial introduction to the Grey’s universe during the season one finale in 2005. After departing in season three for her spinoff Private Practice—which ran for six seasons between 2007 and 2013—Kate eventually reprised her character in season 18. 

And as she noted, the show’s continued success all comes down to the behind-the-scenes crew, including soon to be departing showrunner Krista Vernoff.

“The writers—Krista Vernoff, Meg Marinis, Jamie Denbo, all of them—Krista is, was Shonda’s right-hand woman,” Kate explained. “So, she’s been there and they’ve been there since the beginning, a lot of these writers, they’re just incredible.”

Source link Grey’s Anatomy fans have found out over the past few weeks what’s coming next for the hit show’s upcoming 17th season. Now, one of the series’ most beloved characters is teasing what’s next in a recent interview. Kate Walsh, who played Dr. Addison Montgomery beginning in season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy and later in her own spin-off series Private Practice, expressed her excitement over the show’s return and what’s in store for fans.

Walsh’s comments come as part of a larger discussion on her podcast Reviving the Conversation with guest Sianne Ngai, where the two discussed the importance of representation and inclusivity in the media. In reference to Grey’s Anatomy, Walsh said, “It’s an incredible show…and I’m excited for what’s to come for season 17″ adding, “there’s some real game changers happening this season”. She teased that the new season will break away from the traditional structure fans have become accustomed to in the past, hinting at a major change to the show that could potentially carry over for many seasons to come.

Given how passionate Walsh is about the show, fans can rest assured that it seems like this change is a good one. Plus, with the news that Megan Fox and many new cast members will be joining the hospital drama, it looks like season 17 is serving up some exciting surprises.

We don’t know what the changes are or who the new players are yet, but if Walsh’s excitement is any indication, it looks like whatever it is, it’ll definitely be worth the watch. Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is set to premiere on November 12th.

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