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La mission | Site officiel de Netflix

Un ancien combattant de la guerre de Sécession entreprend un périlleux voyage à travers le Texas pour offrir un nouveau foyer à une jeune orpheline.

Source link Today, Netflix is more than just a streaming service. With its introduction of the new ‘La Mission’ initiative, Netflix is striving to make a difference in the world.

As part of its mission, Netflix aims to play an increasingly positive role in shaping our collective future. Through the La Mission site, the streaming powerhouse will focus on three core objectives: 1) to promote inclusion and inspire empathy, 2) to empower storytellers from diverse backgrounds, and 3) to foster creativity and collaboration.

With La Mission, Netflix will invest in a diverse set of content and content-related initiatives that further these objectives. The La Mission site will be the platform for organization-wide progress and impact, offering an array of services and opportunities to creators of all backgrounds. Netflix hopes to create a safe and open space for producers, creators, and storytellers from the margins of culture and content to connect, collaborate, and amplify their voices.

In addition to content-related initiatives, Netflix will also use La Mission to channel funds to social programs and organizations with a focus on underrepresented communities. They will launch grants and fellowships to support the launch of projects that are dedicated to increasing inclusivity, open dialogue, and empathy. Netflix will evaluate the impact of these projects and invite nonprofits, grassroots organizations, and influencers to join the conversation.

Netflix’s La Mission is an inspiring initiative, and with their successful track record in entertainment streaming, they have the potential to make real and lasting changes in the world. It is sure to be an exciting journey and one worth watching.

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