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Lil Nas X’s Apology To The Trans Community After ‘Mocking’ Them – Hollywood Life

Lil Nas X

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Lil Nas X, 23, has apologized to the trans community after he joked about transitioning into a woman with a since-deleted image on March 14. “apologies to the trans community i def handled that situation with anger instead of considering why it was not cool,” he wrote in his tweet on Tuesday after deleting his problematic pic. “much love to you guys. sorry”.

The admission of wrongdoing came hours after the “Montero” hitmaker shared a photo of influencer Glow Princess — whose real name is Armanda Tounghui — to his Instagram page. The photo of Glow (seen below) resembled a feminine Nas X, which is why he made the joke. Fans immediately shamed him for the comment and accused him of mocking the trans community. As he stated in his apology, he originally replied with anger.

In his original responses, which were screenshotted by a fan and can be seen here, he told fans, “I’m literally just saying she looks like me y’all cannot be f***** serious”. In another response to the criticism, Nas X asked a Twitter user if they are “dense” because they questioned why he brought up the trans community.

Some fans were not happy with the Grammy winner’s apology, though, but Nas X did not seem to care. “Baby, this apology ain’t it! You need to apologize too the trans community in material ways that include money, sharing your platform to raise a awareness and just keep it! This is fake as hell!” one person slammed. In response, Nas X told the fan to “eat” his “a**”, which sparked more backlash.

Lil Nas X has raised eyebrows in years past for adding traditionally womanly features to his body. For instance, the “Rodeo” rapper turned heads in Feb. 2021 for seemingly undergoing breast implant surgery. “Got bored so I bought t****** what u guys think?” he captioned two images of his new chest, only covering them with his hand and an emoji.  As seen below, he also filmed a video of himself bouncing them around under a t-shirt. Although fans were nearly certain he had actually gotten fake breasts, it turns out he did no such thing.

Later that year, he opted for a prosthetic pregnancy belly when announcing that his debut album, Montero, was due on Sept. 17. He went all out and had a maternity shoot for his “baby” and also shared a video of himself caressing his fake baby bump.

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