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Lotto Gang (Working title) | Site officiel de Netflix

The story of Italy’s biggest Lotto scam, in which a ramshackle gang of unlikely crooks cheated the Italian lottery, “winning” a millionaire jackpot.

Source link Netflix has recently announced the release of their new crime drama series, “Lotto Gang.” The series follows a group of lottery winners who set out on an adventure to make their dreams become reality. With their newfound wealth and newfound criminal enterprise, this series chronicles the highs and lows of their criminal pursuits.

The series is set in present day Chicago, bringing viewers into a dynamic setting of both the legal and illegal side of the business playing field. It follows the intriguing story of four lottery winners: Leo Murphy, John Hughes, Paul O’Connor and Vicki Finch, as they navigate their newly acquired wealth and all of the unexpected problems they’ll encounter while finding success.

The series boasts an impressive cast, which includes: Ryan Reynolds, John Cusack, Terry O’Quinn, and Anna Chlumsky. Through insightful performances, “Lotto Gang” will show the lifecycle of personal ambition and the power of wealth-fueled dreams.

From the dark underbelly and foreboding of crime to the hopes and dreams of newfound wealth, “Lotto Gang” looks to be an exciting and captivating experience from start to finish. This series looks to bring a gritty and powerful story that follows the consequences of decisions within all levels of the criminal enterprise.

If “Lotto Gang” is anything like what Netflix has already produced, chances are viewers will find themselves captivated by this authentic series. Get ready to be taken on an exciting crime drama journey with the release of “Lotto Gang” on Netflix.

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