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MAC Cosmetics Flash Deal: Get $168 Worth of Lipstick for Just $64

If you need more information before you shop, read these reviews from happy shoppers.

MAC Powder Kiss Lip Vault Reviews

A shopper raved, “I could not be happier that I purchased this Powder Kiss Lip Vault! Every color is absolutely beautiful and wearable. Every color I put on wows me. The Powder Kiss formula has renewed my love for lipstick. It’s a gorgeous blurred, supple matte formula. It feels great on my lips. I love it so much and now I have 12 new colors to play with. Get it before it’s gone!”

Another urged, “DO IT! Treated myself with zero regrets. Love the versatility of this beautiful lipstick.”

A fan of the set shared, “Lipsticks are gorgeous. Beautiful colors, long lasting. Smell and taste good.”

A shopper raved, “The BOX is beautiful! we can take several in the bag. The colors are beautiful. They are creamy with a taste of Mcdonalds ice cream. I Love!”

Someone reviewed, “Beautiful colors and natural looking. I am glad I ordered this, the colors are very beautiful, they are lightweight and looks natural but I like it that way, so far tried ‘mull it over,’ ‘cupids bow,’ and ‘toasted.'”

“I loved it. All colors are beautiful. I’m happy with my purchase,” a shopper wrote.

Another shared, “Love the softness of these lipsticks.” 

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Source link Celebrating its infamous “Viva Glam” lip campaign, MAC Cosmetics brings together functionality and indulgence with its latest flash deal. Consumers can purchase MAC’s best-selling lipsticks at a fraction of the cost and at an extreme value.

The MAC flash deal includes a set of six full-size lipsticks and a setting spray for only $64, with the consumer getting the equivalent of $168 worth of product. Each lipstick featured in the offer is categorized within the “Viva Glam” lip collection.

Mac has created a variety of iconic shades in the “Viva Glam” collection for every skin tone, ranging from pastels and neutral tones to deep tones of brown and purple. All of the lipsticks in this collection have a smooth, creamy texture which ensures a richly pigmented application.

The lipsticks also contain a generous dose of vitamin E and the antioxidant-rich “edelweiss flower” in the formulation, which helps to nourish and soothe lips while providing essential hydration and protection. The “Viva Glam” lipsticks also come with an integrated ultralight setting spray to help lock the color in place.

Not only can consumers make a great saving with this MAC Cosmetics flash deal, but they can do their bit by helping to support the company’s long-standing philanthropic commitment to LGBTQ+ people, as 100% of the sale goes directly to AIDS/HIV research.

The lipsticks featured in this flash deal can be bought online at and are available for a limited time only. With fast-drying shades, comfortable wear and a philanthropic goal, this deal is the perfect grab-and-go deliciousness for those looking to upgrade their look.

Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to grab an enviable MAC cosmetic look for only $64!

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