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Maci Bookout Cries Over Ex Ryan Edwards, Amber Gets COVID – Hollywood Life

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With Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus out of the picture, the remaining cast members of Teen Mom Family Reunion finally had a chance to do some healing during the Jan. 31 episode. To start, they went on a rock climbing adventure. And since Tyler Baltierra was there visiting Catelynn Lowell, he joined in on the fun. Unfortunately, Amber Portwood wasn’t feeling well so she stayed in her room — but everyone else had fun connecting with each other outdoors.

Maci Bookout (MTV)

Then, back at the house, Kayla Sessler received some troubling news regarding Luke Davis‘ family. An episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant had just aired, and in that episode, Kayla claimed Luke’s sister spanked her son. The accusation sparked an online feud, so Kayla urged Luke to “check” his family and keep their kids away from them for the foreseeable future. He said he would, but she wasn’t sure if she could trust him to keep his promise.

Later that evening, Coach B orchestrated an exercise where the ladies literally buried some hatchets. Kiaya Elliott said she felt guilt over not spending more time with her dad when he was alive, Cheyenne Floyd admitted to never feeling good enough as a mom, and Kayla said she struggled with forgiving her mom for exposing her to toxic relationships with various boyfriends. And when it came time for Maci Bookout to speak, she said she’s “angry for” her son, Bentley. She explained, “There have been times when he wanted to throw in the towel on [his dad] Ryan [Edwards].”

“Because of my choice in relationships, [I feel guilt]. It just hurts everybody. Everybody that loves me, hurts because of it,” she further explained before saying she’s try to let go of her “animosity towards Ryan” and “self guilt”.

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood (MEGA)

The next day, Kayla and her mom met with Coach B privately, and Coach B helped show Kayla that Luke’s infidelity is a form of abuse. So she urged Kayla to move past the relationship and set healthy boundaries for herself. Then, in the final moments of this week’s episode, Amber, Catelynn and Kayla all revealed they tested positive for COVID-19. So will this be the end of the trip? Only time will tell.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom Family Reunion air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

Source link Maci Bookout, star of the popular MTV series Teen Mom has recently been seen dealing with a multitude of challenges. In recent weeks, Bookout has had to contend with the tumultuous emotions of ex-partner Ryan Edwards and the global pandemic which has recently seen Bookout’s co-star, Amber Portwood, test positive for the novel coronavirus.

As has been seen in recent episodes of Teen Mom OG, Bookout was struggling to deal with the emotions of her ex-partner Ryan Edwards whom she shares a son with. Discussing the matter on the show, Bookout said, “I was feeling very overwhelmed and exhausted and unfortunately, some of that was because of Ryan and his situation.” She had been in touch with her ex about his issues which had included a stint in rehab, but ultimately admitted “I was just feeling so sad and like I had failed him in some way which was really hard on me.”

In an even more challenging turn of events, Portwood has recently tested positive for COVID-19, something which Bookout discussed in a recent episode of Teen Mom OG. Speaking candidly, Bookout shook her head saying “It’s so scary. It’s just so crazy. You see these numbers and you think it’s not gonna happen to you or the people around you, but it did.” The reality star had already been tested prior to this, so the news of Portwood’s diagnosis had made her extra vigilant about her family’s health.

The recent string of events are enough to be disheartening for anyone, but Bookout seems determined to stay positive and look on the bright side. Speaking about Portwood’s COVID-19 situation and discussing strategies for self-care, Bookout concluded her thoughts with a note of positivity, saying “I’m just so thankful that she’s relatively healthy and it’s not a much worse scenario”.

With two highly sensitive situations happening simultaneously, Bookout’s strength and resilience in the face of adversity is truly awe-inspiring.

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