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Madonna Jokes About ‘Cute’ Face After ‘Swelling From Surgery’ – Hollywood Life

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Image Credit: Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Madonna, 64, flaunted a new pretty photo of herself after some people criticized her appearance at the 2023 Grammy Awards. The singer seemed to jokingly reveal her “swelling from surgery has gone down,” in the caption for the snapshot, which she shared on Twitter. It showed her with braids in her hair while wearing a black jacket and black baseball cap that had the words, “SPIRITUALLY HUNGRY” in white letters on the front of it. She also rocked flattering makeup.

“Look how cute I am now that the swelling from surgery has gone down. lol,” her exact caption for the tweet read. She also added a laughing emoji, signifying she was laughing about the post. It didn’t take long for fans to comment on the new snapshot and most of them gave her compliments.

“Thanks for always living your life on your own terms,” one fan wrote. “Strike a pose,” another wrote, referencing her hit song “Vogue.” A third shared, “I love your sense of humor!” while another called her a “hottie.”

Madonna at the 2023 Grammy Awards earlier this month. (Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

Madonna’s latest shared photo comes two weeks after she made an appearance at the Grammy Awards while wearing a black suit. Some viewers immediately took to social media to say her face looked different and they didn’t recognize her. The criticism and opinions made headlines and Madonna seemingly responded with a post-Grammys post of her own.

“Instead of focusing on what I said in my speech which was about giving thanks for the fearlessness of artists like Sam[Smith] and Kim [Petras]- Many people chose to only talk about Close-up photos of me Taken with a long lens camera By a press photographer that Would distort anyone’s face!!” she captioned an Instagram video on Feb. 7. She also said she was “caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny That permeates the world we live in.”

“I have never apologized for any of the creative choices I have made nor the way that I look or dress and I’m not going to start,” she continued in the caption. “I have been degraded by the media since the beginning of my career but I understand that this is all a test and I am happy to do the trailblazing so that all the women behind me can have an easier time in the years to come. In the words of Beyonce ‘You-won’t break my soul.’”

Source link Madonna, the iconic and enduring superstar who has been entertaining us for decades, just had a bit of fun at her own expense on Instagram, joking about facial swelling from surgery.

The Queen of Pop, whose real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone, posted an updated photo of herself on Instagram, wearing a sequin halter top and propping her head on her hand. “This is what swelling after surgery looks like 😂,” she captioned the snapshot.

While she didn’t elaborate on what kind of surgery she’d had, the singer’s comment got fans and friends alike to respond with positive messages of support.

For instance, Rob Lowe who Madonna famously kissed during her “Blond Ambition” performance at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards, wrote: “Still cute!,” and luckily, the superstar seemed to be in good spirits and in fine form as she posted a laughing emoji in response.

She also got comments from a variety of other famous fans and friends, such as Kelly Ripa, who wrote: “Doesn’t look swollen at all!” and Tori Spelling, who added: “Always gorgeous!!”

Although Madonna didn’t give away too many specifics, it’s refreshing to see her being open and playful on social media.

It’s clear that even an icon and nationwide treasure like Madonna knows how to keep a sense of humor in times when life might not be going so smoothly.

At the end of the day, it’s always good to see a star of her caliber showcasing her vulnerability and sharing a bit of her authentic self with her Instagram followers.

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