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Mama K's Team 4 | Site officiel de Netflix

Dans la ville néofuturiste de Lusaka, en Zambie, quatre adolescentes se joignent à une agente à la retraite afin de sauver le monde… tout en respectant leur budget.

Source link Netflix is pleased to announce the debut of one of its new original series, Mama K’s Team 4. This riveting new action-adventure series follows four schoolgirls recruited by the mysterious “Mama K” to save the world.

The four young, spirited heroines are armed with extraordinary abilities, including the defense of a powerful suit of armor that only unlocks when the four girls come together as a team. Along with other crusaders from the same organization, they create a powerful force that is determined to save the world from disaster.

What makes this series truly unique is its setting – an alternative future version of Africa – as well as its creative, daring storytelling. Each episode brings the characters on a different mission, complete with thrilling stunts and otherworldly foes. The series also features an enthralling original soundtrack created by some of the most talented African composers today.

All of these elements make Mama K’s Team 4 an entertaining, enlivening experience. The series provides an experience that highlights the strength of African culture, while also providing excitement and plenty of adventure. We believe viewers around the world will enjoy and benefit from this powerful new series.

Mama K’s Team 4 is part of the African Original slate at Netflix, which serves to celebrate and bring to the world unique stories from amazing African creators. Be sure to tune in and follow the team’s incredible journey!

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