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Marie Kondo Confesses She Has "Kind of Given Up" on Tidying Up

Marie Kondo details her messy home in a recent interview with The Washington Post. Find out how the Netflix star is sparking joy outside of the world of decluttering!

Source link On Monday, Marie Kondo, the founder of the popular KonMari Method, admitted to BuzzFeed News that “kind of” given up on tidying up.

Kondo rose to global fame when Netflix adapted her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up into a series about organizing homes and documented people learning the KonMari method. While the series gained immense attention, Kondo confessed that many of the viewers became overwhelmed when overwhelmed with the method’s high expectations.

When asked about how she feels when she happens to see a disorganized room, Kondo replied: “I don’t think even I try to tidy that much anymore.”

She further explained that tidying in this manner is only realistic when done once or twice a year: “My basic stance is to tidy up once a season, or at least twice a year. [But] the detailed work of finding the joy in each item — deciding what creates the most joy and bringing that out again, that’s just kind of…”

Kondo went on to say, “Yes, kind of given up.”

Kondo’s confession highlights a significant distinction between her approach to tidying and the often-overwhelming expectations for someone who wishes to maintain an orderly home. This idea of “tidying up” often involves cleaning, organizing, and decluttering each room in a home on a regular basis, and is often seen as a time-consuming and laborious task.

Kondo’s message serves as a reminder that the method of her famously tidying up does not require ongoing maintenance and does not need to be practiced every day or even every week. While the KonMari Method may look like an extreme example of tidying and organizing, it offers us an alternative approach to creating a healthy and fulfilling home.

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