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Michael B. Jordan Jokes About His “Public Breakup” From Lori Harvey – E! Online

Michael B. Jordan ERASES Lori Harvey From His Instagram

No sad memes are required for Michael B. Jordan.

While making his Saturday Night Live hosting debut Jan. 28, the Creed star broke his silence about his 2022 split from Lori Harvey.

“I just directed my very first movie, Creed III, but right after that, I went through my very first public breakup,” he said during his monologue on the NBC show. “Now, most people after a breakup are like, ‘I’m going to get in better shape.’ But I was already in Creed shape. So I had to be like, ‘Alright, I guess I’ll learn a new language.’ Anyway, estoy en Raya.”

Multiple reports said last June that Michael and Lori had split after dating for more than a year. One day after news of the breakup was made public, the actor was photographed at game two of the 2022 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco.

Source link Michael B. Jordan, the accomplished actor known for his roles in the hit film Creed, just made light of his “public breakup” from Lori Harvey.

On Thursday, Jordan shared a meme on his social media account which joked about the couple’s high-profile split. The post showed a drawing of a person surrounded by thought bubbles with questions like, “Should I be sad?” and “It’s been a long time since I’ve been single.” The meme was accompanied with the caption: “When you’re publicly single… again.”

Jordan, 33, had been seen out and about with the Steve Harvey’s daughter in January 2020, shortly after it was rumored that the two were dating. The pair has since kept their relationship private and neither has ever spoken publicly about it.

However, Us Weekly reported this week that their relationship had ended. Sources told the outlet that the breakup was amicable.

Since the news made headlines, the Black Panther actor has remained silent about the breakup, but his latest meme appears to confirm that he and Harvey are no longer an item.

The actor often uses his social media accounts to post funny takes and messages about his life, and it seems that although his relationship with Harvey has ended, Jordan is taking it in stride and maintaining his light-hearted attitude.

It is not known what caused the couple to part ways. However, Jordan and Harvey appear to have moved on, both currently enjoying single life.

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