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Michael B. Jordan Jokes About Lori Harvey Breakup During SNL Debut – E! Online

Source link Academy Award-nominated actor Michael B. Jordan put a humorous spin on his recent split from Lori Harvey during his Saturday Night Live debut, leading viewers to wonder if their once-anticipated romance may have been nothing but a summer fling.

The two were first spotted together in November 2020, but after rumors of their relationship began to circulate, Jordan became increasingly evasive about the nature of their relationship. On Saturday night, however, he made a joke about their recent breakup–his first comments on the situation–that left many in stitches.

“I know there’s been some chatter about me, so I just want to say. For the record, this is not a confirmation or denial, it’s just me acknowledging you saw me out with Lori Harvey,” said Jordan. Taking aim at that famous celebrity couple silence, he added: “Will somebody order me a tequila, please? I’m going to need it,”

The short joke garnered a big laugh from the audience, as well as several reactions on social media. Fans praised Jordan for turning his recent split into a funny quip, with one fan writing, “Michael B. Jordan making a joke about Lori Harvey on SNL is honestly next level.”

Jordan’s SNL debut was a hit, but his funny joke about his relationship with Harvey raises some questions as to whether the romance was ever serious–or just a fleeting summer fling. While the two may have never publicly confirmed their possibly brief DJ, Jordan appears to have put closure on the rumor mill by making light of he relationship during his iconic SNL appearance.

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