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Missing radioactive capsule found in Australia

Emergency services had “literally found the needle in the haystack”, authorities in Western Australia said.

Source link Last week, a missing capsule containing highly radioactive material was found in Australia. The capsule, named RA-OB65, was accidentally misplaced by a medical worker in 1997 and has only just been located in a Sydney suburban backyard.

RA-OB65 was used as part of a remote cobalt-60 radiotherapy treatment for throat cancer patients. The radioactive material was placed inside the capsule, which was then fitted in a protective holster. At the time of the disappearance, the capsule was missing both its holster and the radioactive material inside.

Following several weeks of proactive searching and specialist training, Australian authorities were able to locate the capsule in a private circle of backyards. The responsible authorities immediately cordoned off the area to protect the public from any radiation.

The capsule was then successfully removed and safely disposed of. Currently, radiation levels in the area are normal and there is no reason to believe anyone is at risk.

The accident has been seen as a lesson in best practice when using radioactive material. Several Australian healthcare organizations have since revised their safety protocols, and will now review such processes on a quarterly basis.

Overall, Australia’s quick action in this case avoided any potential danger from the missing capsule. The country’s resolute handling of the situation exhibited a commitment to safety and has been widely praised by citizens and governments alike.

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