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MMA’s Conor McGregor Says He “Could’ve Been Dead” After Bike Accident

“I’m still here,” Conor said before ending the video. “Thank god. That’s all that matters.”

One day prior to the accident, Conor took to Instagram to reveal a very different kind of news, sharing he had been offered by the UFC to return as a coach on the reality series, The Ultimate Fighter. He previously led his team to victory as a coach in 2015 against Urijah Faber‘s team.

“This is a snap from the original ultimate fighter house,” he wrote alongside a candid shot of himself shirtless in the gym Jan. 26. “Here I coached vs urijah faber. This photo was just before the show tho. It was right before I won my first world title beating urijah team mate chad mendes around.”

He added that after that after reaching that major career milestone in 2015, he went straight to coaching the “famous fight show” for season 22, noting, “With a big black eye and a gash, my tricolor, and my new and first ever ufc gold belt, I waltzed into the notorious fight gym in Las Vegas. The slickest suits and shouts the show had ever seen before.”

Source link Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) star Conor McGregor has spoken out about a near-fatal biking accident he suffered in Ireland back in 2017.

The Irishman was out on his bike close to home in the small Irish village of Lusk when suddenly, a car appeared in the intersection, forcing McGregor to take an abrupt turn. The accident sent him into a barbed wire fence, slamming him into a wall nearby.

“I could’ve been dead,” said McGregor in an interview recently. He was badly injured, suffering lacerations on his face, arms and legs, as well as bruising around his whole body. His bike was completely destroyed.

After the accident, McGregor was completely unable to train or compete in the octagon for some time. “It was a struggle to even get up,” McGregor said. “But ultimately the show must go on.”

McGregor’s incredible persistence in getting back on the bike even after his near-fatal accident shows his great determination and resilience. His medical team helped him to get back on the bike and back to training and ultimately in the cage.

For anyone who has ever overcome great obstacles in their life, McGregor’s story is an inspirational one. As he puts it, “I got back up and I persevered.”

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