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New Transporter for Recycling of Bacterial Cell Wall Found

A transporter which some bacteria use to recycle fragments of their cell wall has been discovered. Researchers found that the transporter controls resistance to certain kinds of cell-wall targeting …

Actin Affects the Spread of Cancer in Several Ways

The transport of molecules along the cell’s skeleton plays a role in cancer metastasis, researchers …

How Regulatory T Cells Halt Aberrant, Self-Reactive T Cells

New research findings show in detail how self-reactive T cells — white blood cells dubbed Teffs that mistakenly attack healthy instead of infected cells, thereby causing an autoimmune or an …

New Nanoparticles Deliver Therapy Brain-Wide, Edit Alzheimer’s Gene in Mice

Researchers describe a new family of nano-scale capsules made of silica that can carry genome-editing tools into many organs around the body and then harmlessly …

Bacterial Electricity: Membrane Potential Influences Antibiotic Tolerance

The electrical potential across the bacterial cell envelope indicates when bacteria no longer operate as individual cells but as a collective. Researchers have discovered this connection between the …

New Study Decodes One of the Living World’s Fastest Cell Movements

Heliozoan axopodia are important for their motility. However, the underlying mechanism of their axopodial contraction has remained ambiguous. Recently, researchers have reported that microtubules are …

Study Explores Effects of Dietary Choline Deficiency on Neurologic and System-Wide Health

Choline, an essential nutrient produced in small amounts in the liver and found in foods including eggs, broccoli, beans, meat and poultry, is a vital ingredient for human health. A new study …

Modified CRISPR-Based Enzymes Improve the Prospect of Inserting Entire Genes Into the Genome to Overcome Diverse Disease-Causing Mutations

Many genetic diseases are caused by diverse mutations spread across an entire gene, and designing genome editing approaches for each patient’s mutation would be impractical and …

Fruit Flies Grow Brainy on a Poor Diet

Regulatory mechanisms of nutrient-dependent neuronal development can be explored at the molecular level with the Drosophila C4da neuron located in the fruit flies’ larvae. The hyperarborization …

Researchers Produce Toolkit for RNA Sequencing Analysis Using a ‘Pantranscriptome’

Researchers introduce a method for analyzing RNA sequencing data genome-wide using a ‘pantranscriptome,’ which combines a transcriptome and a pangenome, creating a richer reference that can …

Machine Learning Method Improves Cell Identity Understanding

When genes are activated and expressed, they show patterns in cells that are similar in type and function across tissues and organs. Discovering these patterns improves our understanding of cells — …

Overactive Cell Metabolism Linked to Biological Aging

Human cells with impaired mitochondria ramp up their metabolism to enhance short-term survival, but at a cost: more rapid …

Discovery of Cross-Species Signaling Pathway Unlocks Mysteries Around Parasite Immunity and Development

Research has identified the first inter-species signaling pathway between an arthropod parasite and host, where molecules in the blood of a host animal triggers the immunity and development of a …

Scientists Solve the Mystery of Why OGT Enzyme Is Critical for Cell Survival

OGT’s job of glycosylation is so important that embryonic cells will die without it. But until now, scientists were in the dark as to …

Enzyme ‘Atlas’ Helps Researchers Decipher Cellular Pathways

A new atlas maps more than 300 protein kinases found in human cells, and identifies which types of protein substrates they target. The atlas could help scientists understand what happens when cells …

How Sex Differences Influence Lung Injury in Mice

More than 2,500 genes exhibit significant sex differences in expression in mouse alveolar type II cells (AT2s), important for keeping the lungs functioning, potentially explaining sex biases in the …

Physicists Model Cell Migration to Learn How Cancer Cells Navigate Tissue

This migration mode is one of the ways cancer cells navigate tissue during metastasis. In a new study researchers have explored mesenchymal migration through cell simulations and mathematical …

Discovery of Metabolic Switch Could Lead to Targeted Treatment of Obesity, Cancer

Researchers have discovered how to modify the function of an enzyme crucial to fat production in fruit flies, which could lead to more effective treatments of cancer and childhood obesity in …

Origins of the Building Blocks of Life

A new study posits that interstellar cloud conditions may have played a significant role on the presence of key building blocks of life in the solar …

Cat Locomotion Could Unlock Better Human Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Cats always land on their feet, but what makes them so agile? Their unique sense of balance has more in common with humans than it may appear. Researchers are studying cat locomotion to better …

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