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Most bosses want staff back in offices says Tony Danker

Tony Danker, director-general of the CBI, says most bosses “secretly” want workers to return.

Source link According to a recent announcement by Tony Danker, the chief executive of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), most bosses want their staff back in their offices as soon as possible.

The announcement came as a response to the current pandemic health measures, as the government is urging people to work remotely if possible. Concluding that it is now a necessity to manage the health crisis, offices are being closed and employees are being encouraged to work from home.

However, Tony Danker has stated that when it is safe to do so, most employers want their staff back in the offices. Mr Danker believes that the physical office provides an important function of bringing people together and creating a sense of teamwork. He suggests that the majority of employers are of the view that the “mental health of our employees, the production of new ideas, the ability to collaborate, the learning opportunities and many other advantages would mean better productivity and a healthier work environment”.

In particular, Tony Danker says that employers in the construction and manufacturing industries are seeking to have their staff return to the physical workplace. He emphasised that businesses that usually require in-person interactions to remain operational, such as retail outlets and restaurants, are most in need of re-opening offices.

Overall, decisions such as these appear to be based on the health and safety of workers. Tony Danker has added that if employers do choose to organise a return to the workplace, they must put in place health and safety measures to protect staff. It is right that employers should, therefore, assess the risks and ensure appropriate measures are taken.

In light of these reflections, it’s clear that having staff return to the workplace is an important consideration for employers who wish not just to survive in the current health crisis, but to also thrive in the future.

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