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Naomi Campbell Holds Hands With Daughter On Visit To Mosque – Hollywood Life

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Naomi Campbell and her daughter held hands while having a special experience at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi on Monday, January 30. The mother, 52, and daughter, 19 months, were seen holding hands in the new photos, which you can see here, for an adorable moment. Naomi marveled at the “splendor” of the mosque and thanked their tour guide for the “breathtaking” experience in her Instagram caption.

The model sported a leopard-print dress and a gray headscarf during the photo shoot. Her daughter faced away from the camera in all the shots of them holding hands together, but she was wearing a white dress. Besides the shots of the two of them holding hands, Naomi also shared a few photos of herself posing for photos, with herself smiling in front of the mosque. She also shared a short video of the two of them walking hand-in-hand.

Besides the trip to the United Arab Emirates, Naomi has recently shared a few sweet moments with her daughter over the holidays. She did share a sweet photo of herself and her daughter on New Year’s Day to ring in 2023. She shared a sweet shot of the two of them sitting by the ocean taking in a beautiful view.

Naomi dazzles in silver. (Scott Garfitt/Shutterstock)

Naomi announced that she had welcomed her daughter in May 2021. She has kept her daughter’s name and paternity private. She gushed about her then-newborn daughter in an Instagram post at the time. “So honoured to have this gentle soul in my life. There are no words to describe the lifelong bond that I now share with you, my angel. There is no greater love,” she wrote.

Despite being seen together during a few public outings, Naomi didn’t publicly debut her daughter until she had a photo shoot with British Vogue in February 2022. She also opened up about her experience as a mother in the interview. “She sleeps very well, she hardly ever cries, and I’m told she’s very alert for her age. She’s just started waving, which is fun. She laughs a lot. She’s almost talking. I think she might walk before she crawls. And she’s got six teeth already,” she said about her daughter at the time.

Source link One of the world’s most iconic supermodels, Naomi Campbell, and her daughter, Ava, recently marked a special moment together by visiting and touring the Baitul Futuh Mosque in South London on April 25, 2021.

Campbell posted pictures of the two bonding while walking around the beautiful mosque proudly holding hands. She boldly captioned the uploads, “Mother and Daughter Moments [heart emoji].”

This moment captured the attention of many fans, with several commenting, “A beautiful moment” and “Incredibly beautiful sight! A mother and daughter holding hands together.”

The 45-year-old mom is keeping her daughter’s identity private, often referring to her with nicknames such as ‘Baby Gugu’. Campbell shares the 9-year-old with the daughter’s father, ‘Businessman Q’. Campbell has not revealed the identity of Ava’s father, but she praised him in a 2018 Instagram post, writing, “I’m so thankful for you being in our lives. I’m truly blessed to have you as the father and teacher for Ava.”

Campbell is passionate about teaching her daughter about culture and different places of worship. She continues to show her daughter the importance of respect and love and since posted the special moment of the two deeply engaged in their culture, many fans have echoed their happiness in the comments.

The visit to the mosque created a strong bond between the two while creating a beautiful moment full of love, peace, and respectfulness. This special bond between Campbell and her daughter is one that many people aspire to have and is something that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

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