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Nature of Water News — ScienceDaily

A Step Towards Solar Fuels out of Thin Air

Chemical engineers have invented a solar-powered artificial leaf, built on a novel electrode which is transparent and porous, capable of harvesting water from the air for conversion into hydrogen …

Eco-Friendly Materials Capable of Purifying Water at High Speed With Inexpensive Raw Materials

A team developed photothermal porous polymer capable of ultra-fast adsorption and removal of phenolic microplastics and VOC contaminants in water. Showing the potential as a next-generation water …

Scientists Develop a Cool New Method of Refrigeration

Researchers have developed a new kind of heating and cooling method that they have named the ionocaloric refrigeration cycle. They hope the technique will someday help phase out refrigerants that …

‘Better Picker-Upper’ Absorbs Three Times More Liquid Than a Paper Towel

When it comes to kitchen spills, paper towels and rags do the job. But using a hydrogel — a gelatin-like material in the form of a dry sheet — researchers have crafted a better picker-upper that …

Materials Science: A Rough Start Can Lead to a Strong Bond

Researchers developed a cheap and simple process to create nanoscale structures on the surface of galvanized steel, which is commonly used in the automotive industry, that provided a more conducive …

Using Machine Learning to Better Understand How Water Behaves

New research uses machine learning models to better understand water’s phase changes, opening more avenues for a better theoretical understanding of various substances. With this technique, the …

Christmas-Colored Droplets Hint at Solutions for Fog Harvesting

When droplets glide along a specially engineered wire, they gain speed as they coalesce. When the water-attracting wire is inclined, the droplets propel themselves to zip along the line. But the …

Dynamical Fractal Discovered in Clean Magnetic Crystal

Researchers have uncovered an altogether new type of fractal appearing in a class of magnets called spin ices. The discovery was surprising because the fractals were seen in a clean three-dimensional …

Mitigating Corrosion by Liquid Tin Could Lead to Better Cooling in Fusion Reactors

Researchers have clarified the chemical compatibility between high temperature liquid metal tin (Sn) and reduced activation ferritic martensitic, a candidate structural material for fusion reactors. …

Producing ‘Green’ Energy — Literally — From Living Plant ‘Bio-Solar Cells’

Though plants can serve as a source of food, oxygen and décor, they’re not often considered to be a good source of electricity. But by collecting electrons naturally transported within plant …

Watching Water Droplets Merge on the International Space Station

Researchers design and analyze droplet experiments that were done on the International Space Station. The researchers sent four different surfaces with various roughness properties to the station, …

Designing Self-Assembling ‘Smart Materials’

Researchers modified simulations for aggregation of colloidal particles by including hydrodynamical effects of the solvent. They revealed that the final structure was different compared with older …

A Peculiar Protected Structure Links Viking Knots With Quantum Vortices

Mathematical analysis identifies a vortex structure that is impervious to …

Good Vibrations Turbo Charge Green Hydrogen Production

Engineers have used sound waves to boost production of green hydrogen by 14 times, through electrolysis to split …

Researchers Shed (Laser) Light on Emerging Water Treatment Technique

Assuring that a growing global population has access to clean water will require new water treatment methods. One of these next-generation methods involves a form of iron called ferrate, which …

Computational System Streamlines the Design of Fluidic Devices

Researchers have developed a computational optimization pipeline that can automatically design a fluidic device to meet specific objectives, without requiring a user to make assumptions about the …

Solving the Puzzle: Cubic Silicon Carbide Wafer Demonstrates High Thermal Conductivity, Second Only to Diamond

Researchers have solved a long-standing puzzle about lower measured thermal conductivity values of cubic silicon carbide (3C-SiC) bulk crystals in the literature than the structurally more complex …

Scientists Shine a Light on What Comes Up When You Flush

A new visualization of pathogen exposure risk in public bathrooms also provides a methodology to help reduce …

Tiny Underwater Sand Dunes May Shed Light on Larger Terrestrial and Martian Formations

Researchers have been studying the dynamics of how crescent-shaped sand dunes are formed. Known as barchans, these formations are commonly found in various sizes and circumstances, on Earth and on …

Clouds above ocean | (c) (c) Pavel Losevsky / Adobe

An almost limitless supply of fresh water exists in the form of water vapor above Earth’s oceans, yet remains untapped, researchers said. A new study suggests an investment in new infrastructure …

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Source link For the past few years, the news about water has been dominated by stories of drought and water scarcity in many parts of the world. But science is revealing more about the nature of water than ever before. A new article in ScienceDaily explores the latest research on water and its implications for our planet.

The article begins by reviewing some of the remarkable properties of water, including its unique ability to absorb, store, and transport energy. It explains how, unlike other molecules such as carbon dioxide, water can store both gas and liquid forms of energy, making it an indispensable resource for life on Earth.

The article then delves into how water is being studied and managed in a changing environment. In particular, it examines how global climate change is affecting both fresh and saltwater bodies around the world, with implications for food and energy security. It also looks at how advances in research and technology are being used to develop new techniques for detecting and managing pollutants and droughts in order to ensure the sustainable use of water resources.

Finally, the article discusses the implications of water and its view on the environment. It suggests that more research needs to be done in order to understand and prepare for the effects of climate change on water, and that governments and businesses need to work together to ensure the sustainable management of water resources for future generations.

Overall, this article provides an interesting and informative look at the current state of water and its implications for our planet. It makes clear the importance of understanding and managing water resources in a changing climate, and provides readers with a valuable perspective on this vital resource.

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