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Nervous System News — ScienceDaily

Research Team Builds Framework to Quantify Brain’s Control Costs

The brain performs various cognitive and behavioral functions in everyday life, flexibly transitioning to various states to carry out these functions. Scientists view the brain as a system that …

Blood-Based Markers May Reveal Alzheimer Disease Ten Years Before Symptoms Show

Alzheimer disease begins decades before any symptoms, such as memory loss, start to show. Consequently, early diagnosis increases the chances of slowing the disease down with drugs. A new study on an …

Cat Locomotion Could Unlock Better Human Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Cats always land on their feet, but what makes them so agile? Their unique sense of balance has more in common with humans than it may appear. Researchers are studying cat locomotion to better …

New Study Challenges Previous Ideas Regarding Alzheimer’s Disease

A new study challenges existing ideas of how buildup of a protein called amyloid beta (A?) in the brain is related to Alzheimer’s …

New Technologies Revealing Cross-Cutting Breakdowns in Alzheimer’s Disease

‘Single-cell profiling’ is helping neuroscientists see how disease affects major brain cell types and identify common, potentially targetable …

Good and Bad Feelings for Brain Stem Serotonin

New insights into the opposing actions of serotonin-producing nerve fibers in mice could lead to drugs for treating addictions and major …

Study Identifies Key Neurons That Maintain Body Temperature at 37°C in Mammals

Researchers have identified key neurons that regulate body temperature at 37°C in mammals. This finding could pave the way for developing a technology that artificially adjusts body temperature to …

How the Brain Stores Remote Fear Memory

A remote fear memory is a memory of traumatic events that occurred in the distant past — a few months to decades ago. A mouse study has now spelled out the fundamental mechanisms by which the brain …

Treating Gut Pain Via a Nobel Prize-Winning Receptor

Targeting a receptor responsible for our sense of touch and temperature, which researchers have now found to be present in our colon, could provide a new avenue for treating chronic pain associated …

When Grandpa Can’t Hear Words at a Noisy Holiday Gathering, Too Many Brain Cells May Be Firing at Once

Looking for answers about how the brain works amid age-related hearing loss, researchers say they found that old mice were less capable than young mice of ‘turning off’ certain actively …

Scientists Find Key Reason Why Loss of Smell Occurs in Long COVID-19

The reason some people fail to recover their sense of smell after COVID-19 is linked to an ongoing immune assault on olfactory nerve cells and an associated decline in the number of those cells, …

How Nerve and Vascular Cells Coordinate Their Growth

Nerve cells need a lot of energy and oxygen. They receive both through the blood. This is why nerve tissue is usually crisscrossed by a large number of blood vessels. But what prevents neurons and …

Found: A Protective Probiotic for ALS

A probiotic bacterium called Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus HA-114 prevents neurodegeneration in the C. elegans worm, an animal model used to study amyotrophic lateral sclerosis …

During Sleep, Brain Regions Synchronize to Create Motor Memory

When the Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry makes a free throw, his brain draws on motor memory. Now researchers have shown how this type of memory is consolidated during sleep, when the brain …

New Findings on Memory Impairment in Epilepsy

People with chronic epilepsy often experience impaired memory. Researchers have now found a mechanism in mice that could explain these …

Olfactory Viral Inflammation Associated With Accelerated Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

Viruses can inflame and disrupt connections between the olfactory system, which governs the sense of smell, and the part of the brain associated with memory and learning, possibly accelerating the …

New Immune Culprit Discovered in Alzheimer’s Disease

Cerebrospinal fluid, the brain’s immune system, becomes dysregulated as we age and plays a newly discovered role in cognitive impairment in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, a new study has …

Unraveling the Secrets of a Good Night’s Sleep

Researchers have identified a signaling pathway that regulates sleep. By studying genetic mutations in mice, they were able to show that an enzyme called histone deacetylase 4 (HDAC4), which is known …

Oxytocin Drives Development of Neural Connections in Adult-Born Neurons, Study Finds

New research shows that oxytocin, a short protein produced in the brain, drives the process that helps new neurons build connections in the adult brain directly contributing to adaptability and …

Changing the Intrinsic Behavior of Neurons

Researchers have developed a new method to target diseased neurons in the brain and change their long-term behavior using light, paving the way for potential new treatments for neurological …

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Source link Nervous system research is advancing at a rapid pace, with new discoveries being made every day. ScienceDaily is keeping up with the latest news from the field with their Nervous System News section. The authors of this section are committed to bringing important discoveries and changes in the field to the public’s attention.

ScienceDaily’s Nervous System News section covers a variety of topics, such as studies exploring the cause of neurological disorders, research into understanding how the brain works, new advancements in treatments and therapies, and cutting-edge technological advances. In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of new developments, they also present interview with prominent researchers and discuss cutting-edge technologies such as neural networks.

The Nervous System News section also includes educational pieces. These articles go beyond simply presenting new findings, offering readers detailed explanations of the various aspects of the nervous system. They explore topics such as the structure of nerves and neurons, the integration of the nervous system with the environment, and the different types of diseases and injuries that can affect the nervous system.

Finally, Nervous System News aims to keep its readers up to date on upcoming events. The authors regularly post information related to conferences, symposiums, and workshops related to the field of neuroscience. They also provide information on new technologies, drugs, and therapies.

ScienceDaily’s Nervous System News section is a valuable resource for those interested in neurology or neuroscience. It is an informative, thorough, and objectively presented source of information on the latest advancements in the field.

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