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A New Model Sheds Light on How We Learn Motor Skills

Researchers have developed a mathematical model of motor learning that reflects the motor learning process in the human brain. Their findings suggest that motor exploration — that is, increased …

Significant Energy Savings Using Neuromorphic Hardware

New research illustrates neuromorphic technology is up to sixteen times more energy-efficient for large deep learning networks than other AI …

Neuromorphic Memory Device Simulates Neurons and Synapses

Researchers have reported a nano-sized neuromorphic memory device that emulates neurons and synapses simultaneously in a unit cell, another step toward completing the goal of neuromorphic computing …

Component for Brain-Inspired Computing

Researchers have developed a new material for an electronic component that can be used in a wider range of applications than its predecessors. Such components will help create electronic circuits …

Energy-Efficient AI Hardware Technology Via a Brain-Inspired Stashing System?

Researchers have proposed a novel system inspired by the neuromodulation of the brain, referred to as a ‘stashing system,’ that requires less energy consumption. Computer scientists have …

‘Nanomagnetic’ Computing Can Provide Low-Energy AI

Researchers have shown it is possible to perform artificial intelligence using tiny nanomagnets that interact like neurons in the …

Engineers Get Under the Skin of Ionic Skin

In the quest to build smart skin that mimics the sensing capabilities of natural skin, ionic skins have shown significant advantages. They’re made of flexible, biocompatible hydrogels that use …

The Ethics of Research on ‘Conscious’ Artificial Brains

Authors lay out an ethical framework that assumes brain organoids already have consciousness. The paper argues that this framework is not exclusive to brain organoids and can be applied to anything …

Rational Neural Network Advances Machine-Human Discovery

Math is the language of the physical world, and some see mathematical patterns everywhere: in weather, in the way soundwaves move, and even in the spots or stripes zebra fish develop in …

Honey Holds Potential for Making Brain-Like Computer Chips

Honey might be a sweet solution for developing environmentally friendly components for neuromorphic computers, systems designed to mimic the neurons and synapses found in the human …

A New Brain-Computer Interface With a Flexible Backing

Engineering researchers have invented an advanced brain-computer interface with a flexible and moldable backing and penetrating microneedles. Adding a flexible backing to this kind of brain-computer …

Entanglement Unlocks Scaling for Quantum Machine Learning

The field of machine learning on quantum computers got a boost from new research removing a potential roadblock to the practical implementation of quantum neural …

Can Machine-Learning Models Overcome Biased Datasets?

Researchers have applied the tools of neuroscience to study when and how an artificial neural network can overcome bias in a dataset. They found that data diversity, not dataset size, is key and that …

Neuroscientists Use Deep Learning Model to Simulate Brain Topography

A more accurate model of the visual system may help neuroscientists and clinicians develop better treatments for alexia, prosopagnosia and …

The Brain’s Secret to Life-Long Learning Can Now Come as Hardware for Artificial Intelligence

As companies use more and more data to improve how AI recognizes images, learns languages and carries out other complex tasks, a recent article shows a way that computer chips could dynamically …

2D Materials Could Be Used to Simulate Brain Synapses in Computers

Computers could mimic neural networks in the brain — and be much more energy efficient — with a new computer component that mimics how the brain works by acting like a synaptic cell. It’s …

Creating a Reference Map to Explore the Electronic Device Mimicking Brain Activity

Just like explorers need maps, scientists require guides to better understand and advance new technology. A neuromorphic device, which can mimic the neural cells in our brain, has lacked such a …

Face Detection in Untrained Deep Neural Networks?

Researchers have found that higher visual cognitive functions can arise spontaneously in untrained neural networks. A research team has shown that visual selectivity of facial images can arise even …

Mind-Controlled Robots Now One Step Closer

Researchers teamed up to develop a machine-learning program that can be connected to a human brain and used to command a robot. The program adjusts the robot’s movements based on electrical …

Rollercoaster of Emotions: Exploring Emotions With Virtual Reality

To the left and right, the landscape drifts idly by, the track in front of you. Suddenly, a fire. The tension builds. The ride reaches its highest point. Only one thing lies ahead: the abyss. …

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Source link For many years, the development of technology has continued to progress and evolve. However, one of the latest breakthroughs involves a neural interface. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be developed, scientists have explored how to connect machines to the human brain. Therefore, Neural Interfaces News – ScienceDaily aims to provide the public with updates about the advancements of this cutting-edge technology.

A neural interface is an artificial system that is designed to connect the human brain to a computer or other type of technology. These networks allow information to be transmitted back and forth in a very specific way, allowing the user to communicate with the machine. Scientists are constantly exploring and researching new ways to use this technology, aiming to develop applications to enhance medical treatments, allow more efficient communication, and even create ways to control machines.

Neural Interfaces News – ScienceDaily is the perfect platform for learning more about this fascinating technology and its progress. The website provides its readers with the latest news in the field, including the latest discoveries, grants, and partnerships related to neural interfaces. It also seeks to provide a platform for discussing topics related to the technology and its potential applications.

Additionally, Neural Interfaces News – ScienceDaily also has information about current research and a variety of expert solutions from many established leaders in the field. It seeks to make it easier for readers to understand the technology and its potential implications, and to provide an overview for those who are just starting to learn about neural interfaces and want to stay up to date with the advancements.

Overall, Neural Interfaces News – ScienceDaily is an invaluable resource for those interested in staying informed about the incredible breakthroughs in this field. It provides the latest updates in a simple and easily understood manner and is the perfect platform for discussion about the technology and its potential implications.

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