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Nev Schulman’s Wife Laura Perlongo Shares She Suffered a Miscarriage

Laura Perlongo has opened up about a devastating loss.

The writer, who is married to Catfish star Nev Schulman, recently revealed she suffered a miscarriage. Laura broke the news by penning a goodbye message to her manicure, which she had when she took her positive pregnancy test up until now.

“Damn this manicure’s been through a lot,” Laura wrote in a Jan. 28 Instagram post. “About to change it, the manicure that is, n feeling a lil sad to see her go. ​Maybe that’s obvious, maybe not. Girl life is such a trip. Life n death, business as usual. No need for sympathy or anything, just didn’t wanna change the nails on this one without saying a word even though that’s the expectation I suppose.”

Noting the “gain” and the “loss,” Laura continued by sharing that initially, she wasn’t going to share about her pregnancy until she was further along.

Source link The news that Laura Perlongo, wife of reality TV star Nev Schulman, recently suffered a miscarriage has struck a chord with many women who are unfortunately familiar with the devastating situation.

Ms. Perlongo shared a heartfelt post with her social media followers, revealing that she and her husband had been expecting a baby who would have been the sibling of their two-year-old daughter, Cleo. The couple had experienced multiple losses now, and had been actively working with a fertility specialist to help expand their family.

“I was pretty sure this one was gonna make it,” Laura noted in her post.

For anyone who’s ever gone through, or is currently walking through, the pain of losing an unborn baby, Laura wanted to remind them that “it is ok to feel whatever it is you feel.”

In her vulnerable words, Mrs. Perlongo shared that it didn’t make sense to her logic-driven mind why anyone would be put through something so painful and heartbreaking, and yet assure that this trying experience didn’t rob them of their hope and joy, that it could still coexist with all the pain.

The supportive responses her post has already received across several platforms just goes to show the deep impact such posts can have on others who’ve gone through similar misfortune, and those who can only imagine the hurt. With her post, Laura has once again managed to remind people that empathy is never far away, and that messaging someone in an understanding and kinder manner whenever they’re sharing their stories of hurt can go a long way in restoring their faith.

Moreover, it’s symptoms like these that are often overlooked and need to be addressed. It’s only through such initiatives that we can begin to develop a better understanding about this trying experience and encourage people to seek the support of their community or even counseling to cope better with the loss.

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