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Nicky Hilton Welcomes Sister Paris to “Mommyhood” After Baby News

Source link Nicky Hilton Rothschild has publicly extended her congratulations to her sister Paris Hilton upon the news of her pregnancy. With sibling rivalry relieved and all reported to be good between the two sisters, Nicky has applauded the newest addition to the Hilton family.

The 34-year-old socialite is said to be ecstatic, following reports that her younger sister Paris is expecting her first child with husband, Chris Zylka. Nicky took to Instagram to express her well wishes for the baby news.

“Congrats to my sister @parishilton on this new baby adventure!” the designer shared, adding the hashtags “#ProudAuntie,” “#LoveYou” and “#Mommyhood.” Nicky also uploaded a picture of Paris holding an adorable baby alongside its caption.

Since then, there have been numerous congratulatory messages on both sisters’ social media accounts. Many noted that the baby news would make a wonderful addition to the family. Nicky’s own children, Lily-Grace and Teddy, are said to be thrilled at the thought of having a cousin.

On the day of the announcement, Paris took to Instagram to share her excitement over becoming a mother. In an illustration, featuring a pregnant figure of herself, with the caption “Mommy to Be,” the couple’s joy was self-evident.

Clearly happy for her sister, Nicky has been vocal in her support of Paris’ announcement. The Hilton family is sure to be getting ready for the arrival of a new addition, with both Nicky and Paris welcoming the new ‘Mommyhood’ an open arms.

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