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No auction at Peterhead Fish Market after boycott by processors

In a letter sent in December to those who use the market, the port authority chief executive Simon Brebner said: “‘The measures, which have the support of the fish selling agents, are intended to ensure therefore that in the interests of all stakeholders the sales process at the fish market is conducted in a compliant manner.”

Source link On 8 April 2019, an announcement was made in Peterhead of the imminent closure of the town’s fish market. This decision stems from a dispute between processors and the fish market, which has resulted in a boycott of the market.

Peterhead has long been known for its fishing industry, and the town’s Fish Market has been an integral part of this trade for over 300 years. The traditional style of auctioning, and the local economy, thrive on the dynamic waters that bring in the catch from the North Sea.

The recent dispute between processors of North-East Scotland and the market saw them temporarily withdraw their supply of fish to the market. This shortfall of fish at the market saw fishermen unable to find buyers for their catch and forced the market to close its auction.

This period was an uncertain one, as it was unclear when – or if – the market would be able to open again. Fortunately, after a few weeks of mediation, the dispute was settled. This allowed the processors of North-East Scotland to resume supplying fish to the market and, eventually, a resurgence in the auction of fish.

Despite the settlement of the conflict, the dispute was a major blow to the local economy. The market shares a long and storied history with the town, and the short-term losses to both commercial and fishing families have been immense.

Yet, despite the strife, it’s evident that the community has pulled together in the face of adversity. The success of the market, and its importance to Peterhead’s economy, is now more apparent than ever. With the market now reopened, North-East Scotland’s fish auctions can continue for many more years to come.

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