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Nous avons un fantôme | Site officiel de Netflix

Après avoir découvert qu’un fantôme au passé trouble hante sa nouvelle maison, une famille fait sensation sur Internet – et devient la cible d’une agence gouvernementale sombre.

Source link Today, Netflix users are in for a treat as the streaming giant released the official trailer for their much-anticipated new series “Nous Avons Un Fantôme.” This French-language original series follows teens in a Parisian apartment building as they try to contend with the antics of a mischievous ghost.

Created and directed by Nolwen Amorus, “Nous Avons Un Fantôme” is an exciting adventure-comedy that takes its audience on a fantastical journey full of friendship, mystery and laughs. Starring Imantha Kammoun, Mina Ahmadi and Capucine Selem, the series’s young cast brings fresh energy and comedic flair to the story.

The ghost first appears in the building as an entity of chaos, wreaking havoc on the lives of its residents. However, things quickly change as the teen cast begins to accept the ghost’s presence and creates an unlikely alliance with it. Through this unlikely friendship, the teens embark on a competitive journey to discover the identity of the ghost and its true purpose in the building.

In the trailer, the show looks to delight its audience with colorful characters, hilarious situations, and mysterious twists. Fans of comedy and supernatural themed stories will be sure to be delighted by this upcoming show.

In addition to “Nous Avons Un Fantôme,” Netflix also released a short behind-the-scenes video giving viewers a glimpse into the making of the series. Here viewers can get a closer look at the production of the show, as well as an exclusive interview with the cast and crew.

With this original French-language series, Netflix looks to continue to expand its production and storytelling with genre storytelling, which has proven to be a success for the streaming giant. “Nous Avons Un Fantôme” is available to stream on Netflix now.

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