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Olivia Wilde and Ex Jason Sudeikis Hug It Out Months After Nanny Drama

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis appear to be on good terms.

The exes were spotted sharing a hug on Jan. 27 in Los Angeles, as seen in photos published by TMZ. Per the outlet, Wilde and Sudeikis, who split after a roughly ten-year relationship, embraced after they attended a meeting together.

For the occasion, both parties kept it casual with Sudeikis sporting a baseball cap and a hoodie. Meanwhile, Wilde wore a sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers.

Wilde and Sudeikis’ hug comes after the pair, who share kids Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6, endured a rough year together in 2022.

Back in November 2020, news of Wilde and Sudeikis’ split came to light. At the time, Wilde was working on her film Don’t Worry Darling with her eventual-boyfriend Harry Styles. Styles and Wilde, who were first romantically linked in January 2021, ended their relationship in November of 2022.

Almost two years after news of Wilde and Sudeikis’ breakup was announced, the pair faced allegations from their children’s former nanny, who claimed the former couple had a bumpy relationship that involved disputes about Styles.

Source link In a show of public amicability, exes Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis recently hugged it out while out to dinner in LA last week. The couple, who announced their separation earlier this year, firmly put the much-publicized nanny drama to the side and embraced one another cheerfully in the presence of the cameras.

The former couple, who had been together for around a decade, were both smiling and laughing as they parted ways after the hug. A source told PEOPLE magazine that their reunion was not just a friendly encounter, but Wilde and Sudeikis have been working hard on their relationship, “rebuilding their friendship” and “taking it slowly”.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time the former lovers were spotted out together, as they have been in the same vicinity several times since the split, picking up their and children from school or taking them on vacation. Recently, Sudeikis even visited Wilde’s home in an attempt to repair their relationship.

It was assumed that the couple, who developed a strong bond during their time together, would stay friends for the sake of their two kids and was evident in their amicable split announcement, but the almighty hug is definitely proof that things are more than civil between the two.

The hug also seems to be a positive response to the negative attention they received when the split was announced in early 2021, including a nasty spat of rumors that Wilde was dating her ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ co-star Harry Styles. Whatever was happening behind the scenes, Wilde and Sudeikis have obviously worked through their issues the best way they know how, and it definitely looks like the couple are doing their best to continue to co-parent their beloved children joyfully.

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