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Original Sin review: Was space flight tainted from the get-go?

A convincing new book by space policy analyst Bleddyn Bowen reveals how space technology was born out of appalling weaponry – and still has a militaristic bent


25 January 2023

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The SpaceX Starship, which could reach Mars one day


Original Sin
Bleddyn Bowen (Hurst)

THE debt that the space age owes to Nazi Germany’s killing machines may not be written in the heavens, but it is there for all to see on the streets of London. Around the city, memorial plaques record the sites where Nazi rocket designer Wernher von Braun’s supersonic V2 ballistic missiles struck.

In all, some 3000 V2s were launched during the second world war, killing more than 2700 in London and 1700 in Antwerp, Belgium. After …

Source link Original Sin is a controversial new documentary about the earliest days of space exploration and how the project may have been tainted from the outset. The film follows the story of two of the first astronauts to venture into space, exploring the psychological, political and physical implications of the space flight. It casts light on the concerns and questions of the time, unlocking a deep trove of information and records.

The film delves into the controversial decision-making of the period, painting a vivid timeline of just how and why the space flight project went ahead, despite the numerous ethical and financial concerns that had been raised. It looks at the role of the government, of private investors, and of technology, in guiding the project, and brings to life the details of some of the catastrophic failures that occurred along the way.

On a purely technical level, the film excels. It features some stunning use of archival footage and exquisite editing, with a soundtrack that perfectly fits the tone of the movie. It is a visually stunning journey into the depths of space exploration, and much of the credit for this must go to the director – Bill Guttentag.

The film presents a powerful exploration of the moral dilemmas and questions raised by space flight and offers an insightful narrative of the events that transpired during the period. Crucially, it looks at the actions and consequences of the choices made by the people and organizations involved.

Overall, Original Sin is a remarkable film that provides a fascinating insight into the beginnings of space exploration and the ethical issues raised by it. It is a powerful statement, and one which invites viewers to question the decisions taken by authorities in the early days of space flight.

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