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Orlando Bloom Reveals His Romance With Katy Perry Can ‘Sometimes’ Be ‘Really, Really Challenging’

Orlando Bloom said he and Katy Perry, who share two-year-old daughter Daisy Dove, ‘battle with emotions and creativity,’ in a new interview that featured new eye-catching sexy photos of the actor.

Source link The award-winning actor and popular musician duo Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have been happily together for some time, but a recent interview reveals that this appearance of perfection may not always be the case. In an in-depth chat with GQ magazine, Bloom opened up about the challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship in the public eye.

The couple, who are no strangers to paparazzi, have been dating since 2016. Bloom revealed that being scrutinized by the public can sometimes put more pressure on the relationship than is necessary. “It’s a challenge, yeah. But I think the bigger thing is, ‘How do you shelter something so that it has a chance?’” Bloom told the publication.

The star touched on the struggles of navigating an already difficult relationship in the public eye. “It’s like, how do I create a safe environment for this relationship to flourish, and not be exposed to the point of unnecessary scrutiny or unnecessary distraction because there’s a lot of noise out there,” Bloom said.

When asked directly if the relationship is ever challenging, Bloom replied yes, saying “Sometimes it can be really, really challenging.” He then went on to talk about his and Perry’s efforts to make sure their relationship stays strong and healthy despite the often negative press that surrounds celebrity couples.

“You have to work at it; you really do have to be quite mindful and quite active in being honest with each other and with yourself and dealing with the issues that arise,” Bloom said. He concluded by saying, “For me, it’s about being present and making sure I’m not bringing baggage from my past into my future.”

Despite the challenges, Bloom’s comments show that he is determined to make his relationship with Perry work, and that he is willing to put the effort in. The couple appears to be happily in love, and we wish them a long and harmonious journey.

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