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The new memoir Love, Pamela features various anecdotes from throughout Pamela Anderson’s life, including when she posed naked for John F. Kennedy Jr.’s George magazine in 1998. The magazine cover features Pamela stripped down and draped in nothing but an American Flag. In her book, Pamela reveals that JFK Jr. was the one who wanted her on the cover. Although she was available at first, he “didn’t give up” in his pursuit, and eventually, the shoot happened.

“He rang me at the shoot, apologizing for not being there,” Pamela writes. “And I thought, ‘Thank God he isn’t, I’d be too nervous.’ I was embarrassingly giddy on the call, making noises I didn’t recognize — some kind of squeal? I couldn’t get off the phone fast enough.”

pamela anderson jfk jr
Pamela Anderson posed for JFK Jr.’s magazine in 1998. (Spread Pictures / MEGA/Busacca/Mediapunch/Shutterstock)

Pamela recalls JFK Jr. being “charming” and says she was “blushing” as she spoke to him. “I was out of my depth in maybe my most embarrassing moment,” she admits. After the shoot, Pamela says JFK Jr. tried to reach her via the phone again. “I was too shy to call him back,” she reveals. “He was way out of my league.” It appears that there was no further communication after that, and JFK Jr. died in a plane crash the following year.

Back in 2020, Pamela opened up about the shoot on Twitter, as well, with similar sentiments. “He called me on set,” she wrote. “I was nervous. I giggled unrecognizably. It was terrible. I couldn’t speak. He was so charming. I couldn’t breathe. This was my most embarrassing moment.”

This story is just one amidst dozens of others in Pamela’s book, which she released on Jan. 31 to coincide with a Netflix documentary about her life. Pamela first announced the release of the documentary in March 2022. “My life, a thousand imperfections, a million misperceptions, wicked, wild and lost. Nothing to live up to. I can only surprise you. Not a victim, but a survivor and alive to tell her story.”

Source link Pamela Anderson is speaking out about her time working with the late John F. Kennedy Jr. for a ‘George’ magazine cover in 2000. Anderson explained that despite having fairly different ideologies, the two were still able to come together and create something beautiful.

“I think that he was an optimist and he was very open, he was very loyal. He was open to listen to me and I was really kind of off the wall, wild – and I think he liked that opposites attract kind of thing,” Anderson recalled of their time working together.

The ‘Baywatch’ star has fond memories of working with JFK Jr., saying they discussed everything from life and politics to sailing, cigars and their common love of surfing. Anderson noted how it was a special honor to be a part of a magazine that was not only edited, but founded by Kennedy Jr. as well.

“It was a great, special issue. And what a privilege to work with him and, you know, he was so kind of alive,” Anderson said, adding that the magazine was “really a start at something.”

With memories that include their mutual love for adventure, Anderson went on to say that JFK Jr.’s influence is still relevant. Despite his tragic death in 1999, Anderson says his legacy still lives on in modern day society.

“I think his legacy was very strong and he had a lot of legacy going forward into the world, and it still exists,” Anderson said. “He really was a visionary and I think he sent a good message. The fact that it was his visions, his projects – like his magazines, his ideas – that were so successful and inspiring. I just think he had such a spirit and he will continue.”

Ultimately, Pamela Anderson’s experience working with JFK Jr. and featured in George magazine was one to be admired. Anderson’s testimony highlights not only the deep amount of respect that she had for the late John F. Kennedy Jr., but what a pivotal voice he was in society, even after his untimely passing.

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