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Peloton’s Leanne Hainsby Shares Breast Cancer Diagnosis – E! Online

Leanne Hainsby is opening up about her health.

The peloton instructor shared in a lengthy message on Instagram that she has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer after receiving a diagnosis last year.

“Two days before my best friend’s funeral, I found a lump in my breast. That really is a sentence I NEVER imagined writing,” the 35-year-old recalled, in the Jan. 27 post. “After multiple scans and appointments with both consultants and cancer nurses and being completely terrified for a few weeks, in August 2022, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Noting that she was initially told everything was fine by doctors, the spin instructor added, “I trusted my gut and got a second opinion. That saved my life. Check, and check again.”

Leanne went on to explain that while she continued to move forward as normal at Peloton, her life behind the scenes couldn’t have been more different, revealing that after her live Wednesday classes her mom would accompany her to chemotherapy.

Source link Recently, Peloton instructor Leanne Hainsby shared a very personal and heartfelt message with her fans. She revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

On her Instagram page, Hainsby opened up on her diagnosis and shared the news in an open letter to her followers. She thanked her fans for their support and for motivating her and other members of the Peloton community through their streaming classes.

Hainsby revealed that she was in remission from lupus, an autoimmune disorder, when she found out about her breast cancer. Despite the difficult news, she wrote that she was determined to approach this new challenge with courage and positivity.

Hainsby explained to her fans that she would be sharing her experiences as she goes through this journey. She wrote that keeping an open dialogue with her followers would help her keep going and stay motivated throughout the process.

She reassured her followers that she will not be taking a break from teaching her classes. In fact, she wrote that teaching classes and connecting with her fans will help her to fight back against this challenge.

Leanne Hainsby is an inspiring example of facing adversity with courage and determination. The Peloton community is sending good thoughts and wishes to her as she battles this new challenge.

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