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Scientists Find Key Reason Why Loss of Smell Occurs in Long COVID-19

The reason some people fail to recover their sense of smell after COVID-19 is linked to an ongoing immune assault on olfactory nerve cells and an associated decline in the number of those cells, …

Brain Flexibility May Hasten Hearing Improvements from Cochlear Implants

Kickstarting the brain’s natural ability to adjust to new circumstances, or neuroplasticity, improves how effectively a cochlear implant can restore hearing loss, a new study in deaf rats shows. …

Third of Long COVID Patients Suffer Persistent Smell Loss, Study Finds

New research shows that a third of long COVID patients suffer persistent smell loss, and almost a fifth suffer loss of taste. Researchers say that Christmas in particular can be a difficult time for …

Network Neuroscience Theory Best Predictor of Intelligence

Scientists have labored for decades to understand how brain structure and functional connectivity drive intelligence. A new analysis offers the clearest picture yet of how various brain regions and …

Orangutan Communication Sheds Light on Human Speech Origins

Research finds orangutans communicate using a complex repertoire of consonant-like calls, more so than African apes. Previous research has only linked the evolution of human language with the …

Casting Light On, and Through, Your Eyelids

Scientists measured the light transmittance of the eyelids when the eyes are closed, and found that perceived closed-eye brightness is significantly stronger than previously reported. The influence …

Some Claim Culture Affects Our Basic Visual Perception

Past research has suggested that people’s cultural differences may result in differences in basic visual perception. New research found no evidence that these differences play a significant role …

Inhibiting Imitation of Others Can Increase Understanding of Others, Study Finds

Training individuals to inhibit imitation of others increases empathy and allows them to recognize facial expressions in others regardless of their situations, according to new …

Two Master Genes Critical for Hearing

Scientists have uncovered the underlying cause of deafness caused by swelling of the chambers in the inner ear. Using a mouse model of a human congenital disorder that displays deafness, the …

Does Throwing My Voice Make You Want to Shop Here?

By breaking the laws of physics in a virtual reality environment, researchers find that changing the location of a virtual assistant’s voice in specific ways can be used as a tool to build …

Frequently Using Digital Devices to Soothe Young Children May Backfire

Frequent use of devices like smartphones and tablets to calm upset children ages 3-5 was associated with increased emotional dysregulation in kids, particularly in …

Oxytocin Drives Development of Neural Connections in Adult-Born Neurons, Study Finds

New research shows that oxytocin, a short protein produced in the brain, drives the process that helps new neurons build connections in the adult brain directly contributing to adaptability and …

Socialness Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Although people are generally predisposed to perceive interactions to be social even in unlikely contexts, they don’t always agree on exactly which information is social, according to a new …

Long-Term Hearing Loss Treatment

The researchers looked closer into the possibility of reprograming inner ear cells to repair long-term hearing …

Hearing Is Believing: Sounds Can Alter Our Visual Perception

Audio cues can not only help us to recognize objects more quickly but can even alter our visual perception. That is, pair birdsong with a bird and we see a bird — but replace that birdsong with a …

Neuronal Activities in the Sensorimotor Cortex

An interdisciplinary research team has found important clues about the functioning of the sensorimotor cortex. The new findings on neuronal activities in this brain area could be helpful for the …

Fearlessness Can Be Learned

The neurotransmitter serotonin plays a key role in both the onset and in the unlearning of fear and anxiety. A research team has been investigating the underlying mechanisms. The researchers showed …

Playing the Piano Boosts Brain Processing Power and Helps Lift the Blues

A randomized control trial led by psychologists shows the positive effects learning to play music for just a few weeks has on cognitive …

New Potential Mechanism for Vision Loss Discovered

Thanks to laboratory produced human mini-retinas, researchers were able to observe complex changes in the retina as they occur in macular degeneration. This enabled them to discover the so-called …

How Voice Technology Influences What We Reveal About Ourselves

The shift from manual to oral communication in our interactions with technology can affect what consumers disclose about …

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Source link The intersection of science and news has long been explored. From the dawn of modern human civilization, people have set out to understand the world and discover its secrets. In the modern age, this is no less true than any other time – the only thing that has changed is the speed and accuracy of our discoveries. In this pursuit, science journalism has been a guiding light, providing the public with the latest news and insights from around the world. Perception News – ScienceDaily is a digital media organization dedicated to providing the public with essential and up-to-date information about discoveries in science.

With a vibrant and dedicated team of scientists, journalists, and editors, Perception News – ScienceDaily covers a wide array of topics from around the world. This includes everything from quantum physics and astronomy to biology and zoology, as well as the latest findings in neuroscience and genetics. The team works with top universities, research institutions, and private companies to provide their readers with the latest news and information.

At the top of Perception News – ScienceDaily is their commitment to accuracy. This includes a team of journalists who verify facts and sources, as well as editors who ensure the content is accurate and comprehensive. In addition, the editorial team is focused on providing readers with the most accurate information possible, while also providing insights and context in order to make sure the reader receives the best experience.

It is this commitment to accuracy and quality that makes Perception News – ScienceDaily an invaluable resource for the public. Not only does it inform, it also entertains. The team at Perception News – ScienceDaily is relentless in its efforts to bring the most interesting and important pieces of news about current scientific discoveries, making sure that you stay up to date and informed of all the new and exciting developments in the world of science.

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